Sunday, May 29, 2016

random stuffs

so. my freshman year is coming to an end! woohoo
and i'm not in the list untuk stay kolej. #MunierahGotSackedOut
but it's okaylah. gonna work on that later.
anyhow, i'm soooo glad to finish my firstyear cuz i've been looking forward for more things in the future #IAlwaysLookForMore #AndExpectMoreGreatThings
and i am also happy that we got the 2 months break YAYS

a lot of things happened and to give it a thought,
i think i have new perspectives on things as i grow older #ObviouslyLahKan #LifeChangesPeople
but anyhow,
i think it's great to be in a different kind of environment,
meet different types of people,
and whether you like it or not,
you gotta learn, to deal with it.
and by saying 'deal with it', means, you gotta deal with is in THE BEST possible way.
anything that you can think of lah.
4 tahun yang sekejap ni, akan determine your future.
no matter how talented and intelligent you are,
manners and relationships still matter,
after this ends,
you will again meet the people you used to look up to, or look down to,
and they might be above you or lower than you,

the point is that,

1) life is like a roller coaster, sometimes ur up there and the next day everything's gone and u'll be at the rock bottom. so take good care of your relation with people as much as you can because at the end of the day, you never know who's going to be there to help you. islam pun ada cakap hablumminallah wa hablumminannas. (emphasizing how important it is to take care of your relationship)
pun begitu, kalau antara lelaki perempuan, mestilah ada batas and x perlu terlalu rapat.

and secondly,

2) the world doesn't evolve around you. sometimes we thought the world needs us or we only think about ourselves that we forget that we are tiny midgets that might turn out to be nothing eventually at the end of the day. and the world doesn't even need us. if one day we're gone, they'll replace us. therefore, stay humble cuz whatever it is man, we all are replaceable. okay maybe not to certain close people, but if we don't take care of their hearts, then sooner, we won't matter to them anymore.

but thirdly,

3) still, act wisely (i'll leave this one here for you to figure out yourself)

basically thts only a teeny tiny bit antara banyak benda yang i belajar masa degree satu tahun ni. and i try to bear that in mind cuz oh man, as you grow up, it becomes harder to practice all those things. but beringat2lah demi masa depan yang sejahtera, cuz we never know.

guess that's all! take care people!

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