Friday, August 31, 2012


I love being patriotic... Hey man i might be a teenager but that doesn't mean that i won't care about my country, place where i was born.

I feel proud because i'm a Malaysian. I don't want to get to politic coz politic and patriotic is way a different thing. How? because even if we vote for different party, we can still be patriotic.. it doesn't matter coz i bliv everybody has their own opinion and way of view to make their choice for our government. But then we were born in the same country so no matter whether u r pas, mca or bn, we can still feel patriotic and celebrate this independence day together...

But then, what is so good about this independence day?
To me, it reminds me on how hard our armies had fight for us back then .. Their bloodshed and tears.. all into count..  Imagine if they still alive, believe me, they won't like to see the youngsters nowadays waste their young time to do useless things, become addicted to drug or what so ever. But, they would like to see this independence that they've fought for is worth it. They fought for us, the future generation, hoping that we can live better than them... Which means that we can improve in all aspects, not just from the aspect of intellectual , science and technology but then also from the aspect of morality because that is the one thing that they, the old ones have but we don't.

What is the difference?
People back then, they would sacrifice their live, their soul for their beloved nation which is Malaysia.. They won't never ever put Malaysia in a risky condition or betray their own nation.. But nowadays we can see that bribery is everywhere, people betrayed their own nation for money, people put their nation in harm for their own sake.. And that is heart-breaking! Because ones may got away with money and stuff but look to the impacts that they've left.. Bad things will leave marks.. Now, we cannot even trust people since there are so many crimes that have been reported, we feel insecure because our country is not safe anymore. The value of morality has totally decreases and what left for us are selfish people.. People who only care about their pleasures and never think of their future generation. That is the thing that happen nowadays.. and know what? we have the power to change it! change our attitude, be proud of our country, be sincere in your duty and all... we need to change our current status quo..

I wish one day, kids can go out and play happily without feeling insecure like nowadays..

Btw i have read interlok and bukit kepong.. guess what? i love both of them whole-heartedly.. so, i think maybe u nd to read them too.. coz it feels so real n it reminds u of those hard days where people sacrifice themselves, their family for their country...

if u don't like to read then watch patriotic movies.. i heard that bukit kepong is kinda good so give a try! ;)

read more abt bukit kepong incidents here =)

Im proud of them!

List of killed in action (KIA)


  1. Sergeant 3493 Jamil Mohd Shah (Bukit Kepong police chief)
  2. Corporal 7068 Mohd Yassin Haji Wahab
  3. Lance Corporal 7168 Jidin Omar
  4. Police Constable (PC) 3933 Hamzah Ahmad
  5. PC 5674 Abu Mohd Ali
  6. PC 7493 Muhamad Jaafar
  7. PC 7862 Abu Kadir Jusoh
  8. PC 8600 Jaafar Hassan
  9. PC 9136 Hassan Osman
  10. Extra Police Constable (EPC) 3475 Mohd Top Lazim
  11. EPC 3795 Jaafar Arshad
  12. Marine Constable (MPC) 60 Ibrahim Adam
  13. MPC 68 Awang Ali
  14. MPC 181 Basiron Adam

[edit]Auxiliary Police (AP) were killed in action (KIA) outside police station

  1. AP Redzuan Alias
  2. Embong Lazim
  3. Koh Ah Cheng

[edit]Non-combatants (Auxiliary Police (AP))

  1. Ins. Kudarina Naknok
  2. AP 2130 Samad Yatim
  3. AP Mahmood Saat
  4. AP 1925 Ali Akop
  5. AP 2127 Othman Yahya

[edit]Police family members

  1. Fatimah Yaaba - wife of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
  2. Hassan Abu Bakar - son of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
  3. Saadiah - wife of Constable Abu Mohd Ali
  4. Simah Abu - daughter of Constable Abu Mohd Ali

[edit]List of survivors


  1. PC 10533 Othman Yusoff
  2. MPC 37 Abu Bakar Daud
  3. EPC 3472 Ahmad Khalid
  4. PC 7645 Haji Yusoff Rono (died on 14 April 2005)
Note: All officers are deceased

[edit]Police family members

  1. Mariam Ibrahim - widow of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
  2. Zainun Muhamad - daughter of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
  3. Abu Samah Muhammad - son of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
  4. Zaleha - daughter of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
  5. Jamilah - daughter of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
  6. Hussain - son of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
  7. Fatimah Abdul Manan @ Timah Lawa - widow of Constable Hassan Osman
  8. Pon Khalid - widow of Marine Constable Awang Ali
  9. Fatimah Tuani - widow of Constable Hamzah Ahmad
  10. Edmund Ross Williams Hunt - orang asli who worked as a mountain guide at Bukit Kepong

Monday, August 27, 2012


true enough tht sometimes we tell other ppl stories about other person sbg alasan konon2x nk bncg n nk dptkan pndangan.. but the problem is that what is our real intention??

sbb dlm islam mmglah mengumpat tu dibenarkan dlm beberapa situasi contohnya utk mncari jalan penyelesaian dan sbgainya..

tp klu kita tgok skrg ni,, apabila kita brbincang, selalunya akan ad adegan kutuk-mengutuk dan kdg2x trheret sekali nama org lain dlm prbincangan trsebut sekali gus mmbuka keaiban mereka... Klaulah kita kata inilah cara yg islam benarkan, konfem2x kita dah terpesong lg terseleweng..

Sbb apa?? sbb dalam islam sndiri Allah melarang sekeras-kerasnya kita membuka keaiban org lain..

the truth is, x payah nk  bncg dgn ramai org pun.. kdg2x brbincang dgn sorg pun dh cukup untuk selesaikn masalah tu.. Tp syaratnya,, kita tgok dulu dgn siapa kita nk brbincang...

Kalau betul niat kita nk mmperbaiki si fulan trsebut dan nk berbincang dahulu dgn org lain,, nak mnx pndapat dan sbgainya, sudah semestinya kita akan mncari mereka yg benar2x layak untuk memberi nasihat.. mungkin kerana mereka dh byk mkn garam dlu.. atau lebih brilmu.. dan satu lagi, mereka yg kita nk cerita ni, haruslah org yg kita percaya bukanlah seorg yg suka mndedahkan keaiban org lain.. sbb tujuan brtanya atau brbincang bukanlah utk mnjadikan cerita itu sensasi atau diheboh-hebohkan di khalayak ramai.. tapi tujuannya adalah untuk mnutup keaiban org itu sebaik mgkin dan mncari jalan penyelesaian yg terbaik utk diorg..

Recheck balik setiap kali kita nk menyebut nama org lain dlm prbincangan kita tu.. adakah sekadar suka2x?? cakap kosong?? atau sekadar gosip?? sebab kalau kerana alasan2x berikut confirm2x haram dalam islam sbb mngumpat itu bkn dosa yg ringan tapi sangatlah BERAT..

kita tanya balik, adakah si fulan yg kita nk ajk brbincang ni mampu memberi pandangan yang terbaik dari sudut islam dan adakah selepas berbincang dengan dia, masalah ini mampu diselesaikan..

sebab secara jujurnya, apa gunanya sebuah perbincangan tanpa penyelesaian.. betul tak??
sbb itulah, pstikan kita betul2x teliti dalam mmbicarakan mgenai hal2x mgenai org lain..
cthnya, dgn siapa nk bncang, wajarkah disebut nama si fulan yg brsalah trsebut dan sbgainya..

akhir kalam,biarlah kita brusaha keras untuk mnjaga agama kita drpd kita memperlekehkan hukum hakamnya dan akhirnya kita tidak mendapat redhaNya..

wassalam :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aidilfitri - The Truth.

It's raya!! finally we've made it soo far and Alhamdulillah we got to meet raya..
I feel blessed that He still give me the chance to rejoice and celebrate this noble month with my relatives and friends..
but the truth is, I miss ramadhan..
coz this year,, ramadhan feels very special to me..
it solves most of my question.. gives me a new sight to the world..
i dunno.. it just did..
the thing is,, it's over..
now it's syawal and for me it's unfair if i didn't enjoy my syawal as much as i enjoy ramadhan since syawal is also a gift from Allah to me..

by the way,
spending time back at our village is ah-mazing!!
seriously it's like kids convention here.. too many of them n sometimes it's breath-taking when they got their feet.. u know what i mean :D

it just that
this raya, we laugh, smile, chat and have fun all the way.. like the typical raya..
but it feels wrong here, when it comes to our brothers' and sisters' celebration out there..
i don't even call it a celebration.. because,,
it's terrible and horrible, what else? name it.. all the bad stuff..
they don't even have the chance to celebrate raya at all.. in fact, they are busy running for their lives, fighting for ISLAM..
and the truth is we don't even care about them...
we are selfish..
we just enjoy and have fun all day long and we forgot to pray for them.. at least..

these people out there,, they lost ones who they love every day..
they don't even have the same chance like us..
while others are worshiping in ramadhan,, they run.. run for their live..
while others meet relatives and tighten their bonds, they lost 'that bond' everyday..
sometimes they just cannot even care about that bond coz most of them are gone.. gone forever..

look! see! observe!

5 times a day,
we pray,
but we forgot them..

supposedly, we, as muslims shouldn't be selfish..we should feel the pain that our brothers and sisters are having..
we should pray for them.. we should remember them in every prayer that we made..

see what they are having now.. :'(

1) Rohingya

The buddhist 
They are human just lke us yet they've been treated lke slaves :(

Muslims in rohingya praying :'(

2) Syria

Imagine this is ur hometown..

Imagine that body is ur sis :'(

-pray, never underestimate the power of dua'.. that's the least we can do :(

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


peeps, who say we need to improve ourselves only when it's ramadhan?? we can do this peeps.. we can change and improve no matter it's syawal, muharam or rejab.. because if you really want to change, you will!! you won't wait for other factors to come.. such as ramadhan, wake up call or what-so-ever that you called it..

so, although ramadhan is almost over for this year..
but there're still a few things that i want to change and improve on myself... so,, here it is:

#1 Tidur siang --> i don't want to sleep lepas subuh n after zuhur.. usually i got tired easily and just fall asleep but after this, i want to minimize my sleep :)

#2 Consistency --> i always have problems with consistency.. but after this, im going to jot down my daily activities and follow it whole-heartedly.. heheh :D

#3 Structure --> I want to be more structured. I guess being structured in life will help me with the structure in my speech too :O

#4 Put things in the right place --> Since kak donah is not around, i want to keep my room and stuff tidy. The easiest way is by putting things in the right place. #simple ^o^

#5 Moody --> I need to train myself to control my mood well.. so, i'll try my best to be positive about everything :DD

so this is my list.. what's yours?? do one! you'll be more excited to do it when you have a list or a checklist :D
btw keep consistent with your deeds in ramadhan okay?? Assalamualaikum :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PersonThatInspireMe #1 : Amira

I don't like to smile..
Eventhough it's a sunnah,, i don't find any reason y shld i smile..
but then when i enter maahad..
i met this girl..
this weird girl..
every time u walk wth her, u'll realize tht every single person tht passes u will smile..
it's awkward for me to smile to anonymous..
but it's not for her..
as it's a sunnah,,
she smiles to everyone..
but of course not to boys..
she even told me once ago..
when we all are the naive form 1 students..
she was soo cheerful when she arrives at the school gate and saw a boy prefect,,
she smiled at him but he looked surprise and turn away..
tht time, she felt weird..
but when we learn about how shld the relationship btween boys n girls be..
we changed..

basically tht's wht we do in maahad..
we grow up and change for good.. i guess?? xD

so this girl teaches me to enjoy life and at least smile..
ur smile might seems small to you but it can bring big impact on others..
just as u wish ppl will smile to u,,
then smile to ppl!!

thx Allah for giving me the chance to meet this awesome girl called Amira :)

p/s:will keep posting abt other ppl later :DD

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Me happy :)

Just updated my blogskin and found this cute panda in front of my house..
Me so happy :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012


this is my last tournament for this year..
I didn't expect anything impressive since i know tht i'm not tht good..
At first,
i was stuck to mke my decision..
whether i shld go or not..
whether it'll be worth it or not..
coz it's been held during our exams week..
luckily it's on the weekends sooo
i kinda can give reason to my dad..
coz he dislikes the fact tht i left mny classes  for co-curriculum act..
yet, i didn't score well..
besides i'm totally not a type of person who sits n spend their time on every single subj..
i prefer learning in class tgether with friends :)

plus, recently,,

i'm suck at admath n i cannot guarantee tht i'll get above fail...
coz when i try to answer the questions..
suddenly i forgot the formulas..
i didn't do tht much exercise tho..
so,, what happens, happens..
after this i'll try my best..

but after sme discussions..
then i feel like going to ukm..
then i made my decision n go..

then in UKM-IV,,
i didn't expect tht i'll feel happy in every single round..
my debate bfore is kinda like stressing..
but this is totally different..
in fact it's great!!

i m grateful tht fakhry said tht he don't care whether we win or lose..
n tht makes me feel a lil bit relieved..
coz usually in comp,
i don't like the idea of winning..
seriously dunno how to explain tht..
but when you target to win,, u'll lose the joys in the debate itself..
maybe after winning u'll feel great..
n u r not feeling happy bcoz of the debate itself..
but, because u just win..
tht's it..

and for me, winning is pressuring..
i hate the fact when i didn't do rlly well n i feel like a burden to the team..
but in ukm-iv..
when i didn't do rlly well,,
fakhry said it's okay.. n i can do it for the nxt round..
it makes me feel fine..and i try to give my best..
if i lose, i hve nothing to worry coz fakhry doesn't care about losing or winning..
but he'll teach me a better way to deliver a good speech/ bcome a good debater..

and that's great..
and today,,,,
i have great supporters coming!!
and i feel really enlighten bcos of the supports!!
i met maryam, kamalia, fattah, n kak raihan..
and they cheers for us..
and i feel really GREAT!!

but then still i really really want to see fattah n kamalia debating..
maybe one day..
i'll be waiting for tht day coz i think they're a rlly good team..

btw there're lots of things tht i learnt here..
and mostly that debate is not about winning..
and you'll never know until u experience it..
that feeling of joy when u r debating without the intention to win..

it feels great,, no matter what happens..
and that's something tht is rarely happened in debate or my previous comp..
which makes me feel tht debate is kinda pressuring..

and mannn i'm not good in handling pressure.. ><"

soo at the end of the day...
i feel blessed to get this opportunity..

thx to Allah for giving me this chance to feel happy and gained experience in this short life..
thx to my parents for giving me permissions..
thx to fakhry for being patient with me, paying for this comp, and mostly bcoz of ur noble intention to train us to bcome a better person.. May Allah bless you and grant ur wishes in life..
thx to my sis for being our loyal supporter everyday!!
ths to kamalia, fattah, maryam n kak raihan for cheering n supporting us..

one day,,
when we've bcome a better person, i hope we'll reunite again..
insyaAllah ^^

Friday, July 27, 2012

pesan putera kepada puteri.. :)

yesterday we had a session with 4 org Ahli Majlis Tertinggi putera and ustaz jamal at the hall.. it is compulsory for all maahad's girls.. and it is special just for us :)

so, basically, this is what i've got from them.. 
"jgn lihat siapa yg brkata-kata, lihatlah apa yg dperkatakannya"

Q: Apakah konsep brsahabat dgn individu brlainan gender.. A: ad batas2 yg ketat..klu x de urusan, haram

"org yg berakal ialah org yg slalu meminta nasihat dn mnerima nasihat - saidina Umar Al-Khattab"

Q: Apakah ciri2x muslimah idaman? 
A: Wanita yg solehah itu, apbla kmu mlihat dia,dia mggembirakan,apbla kmu tggalkn dia,dia mmpu mnjga mruah

Q:Cara trbaik utk brinteraksi dgn putera 

1) jgn brckp hal yg x ptg n brgurau keterlaluan sbb hukumnye haram

2) jgn mnjerit sbb ego putera tggi 

3)jgn lunakkan suara 

4)jga pndgn dn prgaulan

5)jgn komen bnda x prlu 

6) jgn chat bnda x ptg sbb nnt blh mmbuka keaiban

Di bln ramadhan ni, jom sme2x post bnda yg baik n brilmu.. tmbah pahala -UAI-

Q:Ksan ukhuwah trhdp khidupan seorg muslimah 

A:Ukhwah islamiyah=tgok mke sahabat trus igt Allah,Ukhwah Jahiliyah=Tgok kwn buat slh tp x tego

Klu nk brshbt,cri kwn yg: 1) Ble bab dunia, dia sntiasa jujur.. 2)ble bab akhirat dia akn sntiasa memanfaatkn kita

Tegur kwn ble dia buat slh sbb klu btul kte syg dye, kte akn tarik dia jauh dri api neraka

Bce: GenQ - bersahabat sampai ke syurga

Q:Prbezaan antara perempuan dgn muslimah A:
1)Muslimah sntiasa ad iman x kira di manapun dia brada

2)Muslimah sejati akn sntiasa fikir sbb ap dye dciptakan kt dunia 

Andai kata neraka tu dpn kita, kita nampak, msti kte x berani nk buat jahat..

Klu kita dgr bunyi neraka,msti smua plaja maahad x dtg skolah sbb... Duduk kt masjid, bertaubat :D

Ap yg kte ad kt dunia ni, smua Allah bg..ibarat kwn pnjmkan bju..pastu kte brlagak sbb pakai bju cntik..msti kwn tu kte: x sedar diri btullah dye ni padahal tu bju aq,samelah dgn Allah

Dunia ni medan ujian je.. sbb kt akhirat nnt, kte nk tgok sape yg kaya n sape yg miskin..

Hidup ni mcm mimpi je..ble kte bukak mata dlm kubur nnt brulah kte sedar itu hidup yg sbnr

klu ad dua bnda, putih=baik hitam=jahat.. syaitan ni x trus bwk kita pd hitam,tp dye menyeleweng,,mgkin ke kelabu dlu sket..
eg: klu kte nk solat, syaitan x trus kte x pyh solat.. dye pujuk dlu, ehh bru azan, blum iqamat, ble dh qamat, ehh imam x smpi lg kut,, plus2x smpila kte melengah-lengahkn solat

Q:Apa itu cinta A:Cinta itu apbla kte brdua sme2x mmbimbing satu sama lain utk msuk syurga

of course klu kte cinta org tu kte nk tarik dye dri api neraka..
so, bezakan antara cinta dgn nafsu..gneknlah ilmu mse ad kt maahad ni utk mnjadi benteng pd cabaran mse hdpn..

Biarkan Allah taala anugerahkan kamu cinta, kamu x prlu cari sbb anugerah Allah itu yg plg special n brharga..
In my opinion, bguslah diorg buat program mcm ni.. now i know what the boys think about girls in maahad and what actually they want us to improve to become a better person..

i see this as a positive thing coz we need each other right? so, it's not wrong to share thoughts and opinions together :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hectic day

Today was a very hectic day for me..
First of all i feel very guilty to tc.Norhayati coz i've been skipping TrEEs' activities for debate stuff..
I feel guilty because i said i want to join the team..
which means i will give my full commitment to it but then,,
during certain times i was not there..
i feel terrible..

because for me,
everything that i've participated needs my commitment..
and surely if i agreed to join in any clubs or activities,,
i'll try my best to make sure that i'll perform..
but then i need to prioritize my debate stuff..
because TrEES' still has other ppl there..
different from debate,
i'm the president and if i put other things first,
that means i'm not committed to it..
i bliv, leader needs to play good role for the rest..
so, i shall do my best and i love mahdi for sure..
so, i'll do whatever it takes to see my juniors..
one day, becomes better than me.. insyaAllah..
i want to be there through their hardships and success..
i want to be there to support them in whatever condition they're in..
just like i'm hoping supports from them through this journey..

just thought: life requires us to complete each other don't you think so? 

so, today after discussing about TrEES' project with teacher,
i enter the library and suddenly tc. Ramrah was asking for help..
so, me, fatin, yam, yb n illani lend our hand to help her..
but when the class was over, we need to go back to the class and the data hasn't finish yet..
so, me, fatin n yam decided to skip two classes at the end of the period to settle down those things..
and Alhamdulillah we've finished it and teacher treat us..
that's the best part :D

but at the end of the day..
i feel a little bit frustrated when i realize that i've left so much nowadays..
and when i come to classes but i don't understand what the teachers are talking about..
it makes me feel depressed..
i miss those moments when teachers r teaching in front and i understand every single thing that comes out from their mouth..
but then i talk to my mother..
and she said..,
there is always hikmah behind everything.. and i pray that you will enjoy and get the best from whatever you're doing..
that time i feel very grateful to have a mom like her..
a woman with beauty, grace and intelligence..
and i realize that she's the best psychologist i can get and there's nobody that can replace one that i love whole-heartedly, my mom..  
the end. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

ramadhan in school~

everybody looks like zombies todayyy!!!
maybe not all but most..
and the atmosphere was very gloomy..
it's like u r in hospital and everybody is sick lol!!

don't know why i am sooo excited writing this.. ^0^
the bright side of ramadhan in school is:
most of my classmates read Qur'an while the teacher is not around..
soo,, there's the good spirit for ramadhan!!
Alhamdulillah.. i'm infected for some times..

so i tried to memorize back my 'hafazan' that i have left for such a looong time..
starting at the back of the Qur'an which is juz amma..
and although it seems like a very small thing but i realize that,,
when we read back the surah..
we know exactly how it's spell.. which was exciting for me!!
when i recite it,, it's like,, ehhh macam ni eja dia?? ohh maksud dia mcm ni ke?? BEST!!
coz before,, some of them that i have memorized,,
i just recite it without checking the spelling..

but then,, i feel very exhausted..
so i took a nap till recess time..
then i followed amira to the mosque to perform dhuha..
and,, surprisingly... we run out of water!!!
soooooooo lame

then we got to the class.. and.. 
i started to have stomachache..
it's very painful and that moment i cannot focus in the class..
i thought to call my mother and just return home..
but that one will take a looong process
plus, i can't be sure whether my mom is available or not coz nowadays she's very busy during the day..
so my friend suggest me to have a rest a bilik rawatan..
and i did so..

and then ada bdk form 1 who was sleeping on one of the bed accompanied by her friend..
i'm okay with that sampailah..
tok tok tok...
kawan bdk tadi pun bkk..
then msuk form 1 ramai2x..
ehh kamu2x dh sihat ke??
teacher BI marah tadi..
pastukan.. etc etc..

i'm soo tired i choose to ignore them although it's quite annoying..
and then tok tok tok..
Fatin came in!!
rupa2xnye patin pun sakit perut..
lol we share the same pain.. XD
then i ask her to sleep besides me coz they just have two beds you know..
coz sgtlah pelik kalau ramai pelajar tiba2x sakit..
it's like konspirasi dirancang.. >_<
and fatin pun tanye ehh ramainye bdk??
and i told her.. entahla wei.. cbe ko tanyer diorg..
coz i'm not that garang dgn junior.. usually i just let them be..
and then fatin strictly said: ehh ni semua sakit ke??
bdk2x tu pun bagilah brmcm alasan..
and then diorg keluar jugak..
aman dunia.. hohoho..
tp diorg pnye lepak kat bilik rawatan tu rpenye smpi skip satu mtaplajaran..
x taulah cgu tu x msuk ke ape.. tp i'm not aware tht time coz x pki jam..
but when i ask fatin then bru thu diorg skip smpi satu subjek..
alahai adik2x..

tapi lepas tu dh habis skolah aq ngn patin pun prgi MN..
sbb surau x de air.. soo tadarus then balik..
the end ^0^

Saturday, July 21, 2012

don't feel like debating~

this usually happen..
like alwaysssss
just hope i have the button to turn it off..
i feel bad..
i feel suck..
i feel tht i'm a bad debater..
i don't even feel like i want to debate anymore..
how suck am i??
a debater won't say that for sure...
hmm i guess i still need some time and space..

#1 ramadhan

Today is the first day of ramadhan this year..
I can see tweets from muslim around the world getting excited for ramadhan...
And me either..
It feels different this year..
Not like years before..
I am more relax.. I can enjoy most of my time coz at that part actually i was nobody..
Not that nobody but i don't have tasks and responsibilities like this year..
It's not like i'm the busiest person in maahad..
and for sure i'm not going to brag about my responsibilities or whatever that i need to do this year..

Day by day i've grown up and become more mature..
although i hate the fact that mature people thinks mature things and make mature decision..
but i need to do it..
i need to decide things.. i need to plan for my future..
or else,, i won't become a great muslim...
A great muslim contributes to Islam.. and how on earth am i suppose to contribute to my belief if i'm nothing..??
Well that's why i need great plan for my future..

So this ramadhan...
I plan to wake up early and enjoy the dawn..
It's been a long time i haven't enjoy dawn moments..
My mom woke us up and we sat together having our sahur..
After praying subuh, we had a discussion with our mother and suddenly i had a headache..
i said sorry to mom i cannot stay for the dawn coz it feels very painful inside my head..
so i take a nap...

When i wake up,, i saw sofeyyah and wardah come upstairs together with balqies..
they are sooo hyper it makes me wonder are they actually fasting??
and suprisingly,, they are!! although wardah is just 7 but she's fasting!!
i'm proud of her..
but still some confusion there.. would they be able to continue their fast??
hmmm let see..

1:00 p.m.
I watch the tv n wardah came to me..
she said: along.. penatlahhh penat sangat...
and sofeyyah also seems moody.. they look soooo exhausted and it makes me laugh..
Tulah.. tadi melompat sana sini.. kan dah penat...
and wardah give me 'that look' and sit besides me..
i give a glance to her and she's already fall asleep..
dear my sisters r sooo funny..
sofeyyah also falls asleep..

But after we have our iftar...
They both become very energetic an uncontrollable..
They shout everywhere, i have to cover my ears..
Funny sis..  ^_^

1 2 3 jom usrah!! (^ 0 ^)

Assalamualaikum n hey guyS!!
today mcm smgt glerr nk update psl usrah..
dan dan..
aq nk mengelakkan seboleh mngkin utk guna bahasa inggeris sbb..
x feel.. heheh :D

sooo skrg kan musim demam-dah-nak-dekat-periksa..
n form 3 n 5 pun sudah tidak lagi bergiat aktif..
aq panggil ni demam-virus-sekejap-sekejap..
sbb bila habis periksa je..
percayelahhh konfem aktif habis diorg tu..
cuma skrg ni dye mcm slow mo sikit.. hehe :D

kitorg yg kononnye batch plg relax n sempoi sbb PMR DH HABIS!! YEAYYYY but...
spm lak cam ketuk2x kitorg n ckp woit2x nxt year jmpe aq lah.. jgn enjoy sgt tau...
so,, di sebalik smua senyuman kecoolan kitorg..
trselit jerih payah utk memahami subjek2x form 4 yg mndatang ibarat short circuit di kepala kami.. kuang3x..
drama x blh habis..

sooo potong line to make it short ----> muka nk kena sepak ^^"
kitorg pn amik alih tugas f5 sementara waktu utk jd naqibah..
n.. setelah konflik demi konflik brlaku...
aq un dpt grup ngannnnnnnn
YB!!!! yeahhhhhhh
then dpt adek2x yg sporting n familiar plak..
yelahhh buat pengetahuan umum..
sbg pkt paling baik hati dn berjiwa murni,,
aq mmg mesra junior dan bermuka bersih sbb nk lobi undi..
haha kay mun dh msuk topik tahap kemerepekan melampau..

sooooo cut to the short lg...
adek2x usrah aq..
2 org bdk debate : anis n ain yg nama lebih kurang n mmg hyper trlebiyh setiap kli usrah
sorg bdk TrEEs' : husna annuar yg tdak krg jgak trlebih keaktifannya
3 org bdk bomba + kawad bomba : aqilah, alin n huda.. sorg slalu trolling jgak dgn aq.. sorg trgelak-gelak mse usrah, aq un x thu ap yg hepi sgt..
 n the rest: nik, kembar nama adek aq: syakirah, izzati

gempak2x an usrah aq???
rse cam nk adek usrah sme SAMPAI thn depan..
Yb pongs same.. so, kitorg pun brdiskusi dgn saadah..
*style gengsta* saadah... by hook or by crook kitorg nak gak adek usrah yg same nxt year!!
hempas meja n flip tudung..
zoom kat saadah: cengkerik2x.. krik2x..

haha.. dah msuk kemerepekan lagi..
xdela.. itu jln cerita yg diolah dn digubal oleh pkt baek mun..
kitorg snrnye ayu ibarat gadis melayu trakhir gituh..
kata bdk maahad kan???

kitorg pn mnyuarakan hasrat hati utk dpt adek usrah yg same kat saadah..
then saadah kata...
maksud usrah yg sbnr ialah,, ia akan brkekalan..
wlupun korg dh kluar maahad, dh krja ... tp korg still keep in touch..
bkn usrah mse waktu usrah je..
so,, nxt year.. wlupun korg dh x satu usrah,, tp kekalkan ukhuwah tu..
pegang adek2x tu betul2 jgn biar diorg trlepas wlupun dh x satu usrah..
owhhh aq ngn yb pun mengangguk style burung belatuk.. heheh..

n saadah ckp jugak.. klu ad usrah yg x serasi dgn akk naqibah diorg kesianlah..
same je smpi nxt year pun..
hurmm aq faham2x..

sooo adek2x!! x kesahlah siapa akk naqibah kita..
dgn siapa kita berusrah...
yang pntg, ukhuwah tu kita kna kekalkan sama2x.. insya Allah..
akk n kak yb akn pgg korg betul2x.. spy kita sama2x dpt brjalan briringan menuju syurga hakiki..
insya Allah.. amin...

semoga Allah redha dgn segala amalan kita...

p/s: x saba nk jmpe korg lagi!!  

Friday, July 13, 2012

2 in 1 ;)


both wre my precious tournament this year..
i never thought that i'll get this far..
i never thought that i'm a debater..
i mean true debater..
coz before..
i just love to debate but at the same time,,
i never know what's the real meaning of debate..
i just love to manipulate everything..
i want great teammates..
i want to WIN..
LOSING seems like a failure..
to me BIG failure..

yeah on the 1st place,,
going to both competition..
i didn't aim to win..
coz i'm like reallyy new..
but among the debaters in maahad..
i do want to win..

so, i went to UIA..
full hope relying on sister Ulfah n sister Laila..
i just play around and don't even take this event like serious matter..
then, after we didn't break..
Fakhry wants us to hve friendlies with Al-Amin Gombak..

First time spending time with them..
I feel really not confident tht time coz my seniors r there n i know tht i'm not good..
then Fakhry asked: Munierah, do u want to debate??
i feel scared but at the same time, i don't want to disappoint my seniors there..
they've trained me for this..
so, i said: it's up to you guys..
then brother Lutfi grouped us..
Iqbal with small Fattah..
Syakirah with Alyssa..
Kak Ulfah with Adibah..
and me with Affan..

Then i know tht we'll be debating the British Parliamentary style n i never experienced tht style..
so, i said to Affan..
sorry this is my first time n i'm not a good debater so, i'm sorry if i'm bad..
then he just say.. never mind..

we hve prep time n then we debate..
i just blurt out anything tht came across my mind..
n after i've done, i said sorry again to Affan and he said..
it was better then he expected..
then i feel quite relieved..
DONE for my first BP..
we ranked 3rd LOL XD

then for musleh..
i got like a LOOOOT of new friends..
learn many new things..
more about teamwork n soo on..
we've made it to semis and tht's totally great..
i hve pictures with madrasah al-junied n MCKK debaters..
but my hand phone shut down so i need to repair it first LOL..
when i hve it then maybe i'll post it here..
we also took pictures with our big brother, fakhry..
awesome hamidian..
still committed to train us although he already graduated from maahad LOL..
i'll become like him one day..
and if i can drive,,
i want to bring the hamidian debaters to tournament just like what he did.. :)


Friday, June 8, 2012

balek kampongs~

hai hei hoi...
guys.. lame kan x update blog? haish terkadang aq merasakan bahasa aq sedikit
sebyk ade gaya mak datin gitu...
ooppss mun.. jgn berangan mun.. pleash lah!
aq kn baru blik kmpg..
then aq jmpe sepupu2x aq yg makin mmbesar..
smua makin pandai.. makin hensem.. makin cantik.. n makin gemok pun ade..
n sbg sepupu plg tua aq rse hepi gler ble bdk2x tu smua main ngn aq..
feel like.. yeahh i'm the oldest n bangge tgok diorg..
n jmpe ayah n mak sedara aq yg sporting2x n awet muda smuanya..
i feel like home!
n satu bnda yg aq plg suke kat kmpg...
aq rase tenaaang sgt...
maybe sbb aq mmbesar kt kmpg aq kut..
rase cam balik rmh sndiri..
rmh aq yg lame pun ade kt kmpg lg..

mase aq kecik..
parent aq sewa rmh ngan nenek aq...
nenek aq bkk rmh sewa kat blkg rmh dye..
ade empt buah...
rmh2x sewa tu trpisah dgn rmh nenek aq dgn satu pagar je..
n rumah kitorg paling dekat..
mase tu aq ngan angah je yg dh wujud... ecehhh
n kitorg mmg rapat x yah cakapla..
mane ade org lain lagi nk main...
tiap2x pagi aq ngan angah akn jalan kaki prgi rmh nenek...
mase tu kitorg jmpelah mak n ayah sedara kitorg sblom diorg prgi skolah..
n join mkn dgn diorg..

pastu aq plg rpt dgn poksu..
sbb jarak umo kitorg 2 thn je..
tiap2x pagi poksu pkai baju skolah n pegi tadika..
habis aq x de geng..
satu hari tu aq ikut nenek dgn umi pegi tadika poksu..
mase tu poksu umo 5 thn..
then aq pun ckp kat umi...
umi, umi kakak nak pergi sekolah mcm poksu jugak..
pastu umi pun cakap..
mane boleh.. kakak kecik lagi..
n aq yg sgt keras kepala ni pun kata..
umiiii nak ikut poksu...
pastu alang2x nenek aq ade kat situ..
nenek aq pun tanyelah cikgu tu..
ehh tmpg tanye cucu saya ni baru 3 thn..
tapi dia nk sekolah jugak..nak ikut pakcik dia..
boleh tak bagi dia masuk??
* lebih krg camtulahh*

n tetiba aq dh msuk skola tu..
aq pnye gembira bkn kepalang..
ade tudung kecik, baju sekolah..
smart gitu..
n plg aq hepi sbb tiap2x pagi aq pergi skolah dgn poksu..
first day... aq ikut poksu masuk kelas dia..
pastu poksu kate ehh mane blh.. kakak kelas kelas lelaki...
aq x nk jugak.. aq ikut poksu..
tetibe aq tengok kawan poksu smua lelaki..
n aq malu sndiri...
barulah aq masuk kls perempuan...
pastu aq dh x igt sgt..
yg aq igt aq ade sorg kwn yg terlebih umo..
yelah kan aq pelajar plg muda..
nama dia kak siti..
tu je aq igt..
pastu poksu ade kwn.. nama dia haikal..
tu jelah...
n bila tgh hari.. van dtg, aq n poksu pun balik..
dia hantar sampai depan je.. kitorg kna jalan blk..

haikal rmh dia dkt sikit..
so dia balik dulu..

bile turun aq n poksu akan brhnti kejap kat setunggul kayu dpn tu..
then aq tanya poksu, kakak ade buat salah ape2x tak hari ni?
n poksu aq akan ulas kesalahan2x yg berlaku...
mase tu aq baru tiga thn tp aq dh skolah...
aq rase hepi sgt sbb Allah anugerahkan aq sebuah memori yg sgt indah..
yg x smua org dapat...

skrg poksu dah besar..
aq n angah pun dah besar..
rindu pulak aq dgn masa dulu2x..
mak andak yg rajin melayan kerenah aq...
mak andak yg jugak sg penakut mcm tikus.. tgh malam msti ajak aq tmn dia jalan kalau kena hantar makanan kt rmh aq.. aq bdk 3 thn sgtlah berani.. yelahh dulu, mane aq tau hantu tu ape..
mokde yg selalu jadi hakim bile aq dgn poksu gaduh..
pakngah yg suka pggil aq cici/aci smpaila aq dh umo 10 thn x silap, gelaran tu dh hlg..
pak itam aq x igt sgt.. tp aq tau pak itam rapat sgt dgn pak lang...
mokteh pun jarang ade sbb mokteh belaja kt U masa tu..
atuk yg suka menyakat dgn gigi dia yg blh trcabut (skrg x dah sbb aq x tkut :)
poksu a.k.a geng aq ngan angah prgi kejar ayam.. main letup belon, panjat kereta n mcm2x lagi...
paklang yg pernah kene sebat dgn aq sbb paklang x nk buat susu utk angah smpai angah nangis.. (dhsyat gak aq)

fyi, aq sgt sayang kat adek aq yg sorg ni..
sape berani kacau dia..
nanti kenalah dgn aq..
tanpa mengira usia... still aq lawan..
cme ble dh besar ni..
of courselah trkadang aq jeles ngn adek aq..
but for me itu normal..
aq still sayang n rapat ngan dia cme bezanya...
dulu adik ikut je kakak pergi mane2x..
skrg adik dah besar...
kadang2x kakak yg ikut adik...
kitorg selalu protect each other..
dri dulu lagi...sbb umi abah jarang ade dulu..
tinggal aq n angah je kt kmpg..

kalau ayam kejar aq then aq mnjerit,
adik aq msti dtg n dia ckp: mana? mana ayam yg kejar kakak?? biar adik makan sume...
habis smua ayam lari tgok adik aq..
yelah.. adik aq mmg suke sgt mkn ayam dari kecik smpi besar..
kalau org marah/buat adik aq nangis.. nanti aq marah balik org tu...
hmm camtulah..

aq kan x de adik lain... mase tulah..
so, nak main smua dgn dialah...
i miss those memories..
x pelah aq brsyukur skrg dia still ade dgn aq..
cme kdg2x je kitorg gaduh..

aq syg gak adik2x lain.. cume x lah serapat angah..
dulu kitorg je cucu nenek ngn atuk..
so smua org pggil aq kakak n angah adik..
atuk bg nama pggilan kt kitorg:
aq kicik sbb aq plg kecik mse dulu..
angah botak sbb botak mase kecik..

kaylah.. klik older post utk gmba sepupu aq yg tomei2x..

sepupu. kecomelan. pantai

pic dkt kmpg hri tu... credits to me sbb jd photographer x brbayar..

from left: balqies (anak mak andak) n saffanah bulat (anak pak ngah)

oittt dik.. tulah.. pabila dua demokss brgabung,,, 

aq rse kegemukkan aq ni menurun kt sepupu aq lah kut..heheh anyway diorg ttp comel :D

(anak pak itam) basyirah posing ayu.. tp sgttt comel!

aqis yg comelll meh cubit sket meh :D

hah korg bncg ape serius sgt tuh?? 

ehh knp dek?? takut mata ade flash cam cyclops eh??

saffanah yg ceria tanpa mengira usia.. ehh?? cam knal je tagline tu?? hmm

saf n biha yg kurus thp model.. aq pun jeles.. heheh..
*lihat di blkg, sofeyyah tgh lari thp marathon utk msuk dlm gmba*

saf: heheh..kaklong saf dh posing kasi nmpk lesung pipit ni.. pstikan nmpk tau.. jgn hilang pulak...
biha: lihatlah gigiku ..

luqman(ank mak andak) : haishh pemalas betul depo ni.. asyik amik gmbo je.. komek juga yg kena menyapu... aiseyhman..

masih tiada yg simpati?? anybody?? anyone??

kakak basyirah dtg mmbantu...

dia pergi jugak... trpaksalah aq menyapu seorg diri.. adoyai...

kampung halamanku..

aikk sofeyyah ni slalu jd watak x diundang...

cehh qusyairi posing malas2x..

lihatlah kecomelan thp maksimumku.. ada nampak?? gua calon baby plg cute 2012 tau!

from left: saf yg insaf dh pkai tdg n adiknye syamilah yg peramah glerrr

apabila cucu perempuan nenek brgosip.. ooppss hot issue!

naziha adik biha tgh menunjukkan aksi kemodelannya yg dperturunkan oleh mokde..

jgn tgok peace je tau! tgok lesung pipit skali... ~pesanan ikhlas saffanah~

syamilah tago: demi mknn!! aq meluaskan mulutku!! masuklah engkau!!

pantai sg. ular yg mmg cun gler

yah nk buat aksi thp bollywood.. almaklumlah org selangor jarang jmpe pantai..

kayu yg abah tarik khas utk umi ddk.. amoi2x romantiknye abah...

hati yg angah smpt lukes.. ehemm2x ade pape ke dek?? tetibe je ni??  

panorama indah...

tgok tu!! ade org naik kuda kt pantai!! stylo giler, ade 3 kuda plak tu..

hasil tangkapan angah, ude n abah

lihatlah kepah yg direbus.. blurp blurp

sedia ke meja anda!!

cat ones good company

hey guys..
i just feel that it's good to share something here..
i got to know that Lina's cat just died...
kamalia's also..
for such a long time me and angah tried to forget our dearest cat and kittens..
and i know we shouldn't...
memories didn't deserve to be kept or hide..
it deserves to be shown..
to be remembered..
to be appreciated..
bcoz it has been a part in our life once..
it play stories along our journey..
so instead of having it buried..
we should sometimes talk, share or wonder about it..

and it goes the same with us..
for me...
i had somebody who i called buddy..
somebody who really excited when the first time i met her..
i never met somebody that show lots of love like her to me when we met for the first time..
when i sleep, she walk and sleep besides me..
usually beside my face..
she won't go..
although sometimes i may push her accidentally..,
but she still there...
sleeping with me..

emerald was her name..
my sister owned her one day...
and days before that,
i started to feel very close to this nature..
i love them..
although i'm quite afraid, but i feel some deep connection with cats around me..
before, i never care about cats..
any cats.. i hate them coz they scared me...

but one day... angah bought this cat..
and she was sick..
she's from SPCA.. there were many other pretty cats..
but angah was attracted to this one..

at home, i was really excited to see her..
although she was very thin we can even see her ribs..
but this is my first time having my own pet..
fyi i never been so close to animals before...
and the first time she saw me..,
she came towards me and i ran..
but she keeps following me..,
and when i'm on my bed watching tv,
she came and lay besides me..
and i move aside..,
she move near to me, i can feel her fur..
she was very closed to me all her medicine on her body stick to my trouser and shirt..
i don't understand why she loved me so much while i never pat her or yeahh care for her as much as angah's do..
but there she was..
never give up to be my buddy..
and that's when we become buddy..
every night, i allowed her to sleep besides me..
sometimes i feel really guilty coz she sleep at the edge of the bed near to my face sometimes i move and she fall to the floor..
but she never seems angry with me..
and i appreciate that...

soon, she got pregnant which she's not suppose to since she should have been sterilised..
and on 8th january which is angah's birthday,
she gave birth to 3 beautiful kitties..
and you know what...
she gave birth in my closet..
when i lift up one of my abaya,
i saw a kitties very small one was hanging to my abaya with closed eyes...
so i ran downstairs and scream excitedly coz i need my mom's help..
i'm a coward u know..
then my mom n kak donah manage everything..
on my father's bday 9th january..
she gave birth to another two healthy white kitties..

they r beautiful...
but they grown up so fast,
we need to buy a big packet of whiskas which just stands for two weeks...
and their poop sand just stand for a week each..
and angah is the one who paid for everything..
my mom do help but it's her cat,
so she paid the most for the food and the poop sand..
it reaches one time they all grew up healthy and fat..
but we cannot afford their expenses anymore..

that time, i went to one week camp for form 3 students..
i stayed in the hostel..
and when i got home,
i was too tired to seek them..
and that evening,
while i was sleeping, my parent sent them all back to SPCA..
i haven't had the chance to meet them...
for a week and forever..
that time..
i feel so guilty and sad..
i cried and cried realizing that my cats will never return and sleep besides me..
i became very quiet and i can't accept the fact that my parent returned them without asking me first..
my mother also cried but my father are very firm with his decision..
there's no turning back..
yeah... that's what happen..

and my mother persuades me..
she told me that insya Allah they'll have a good life there together...
besides, my healthy decreased since i have them..
i have asthma which i never troubled before..
i cough a lot and i have to use inhaler sometimes..
and my mom said that the cats were not suitable for my health..
i'll get worse..
the doctor also said so..

after giving away those cats..
i recovered..
and now,
i don't have to use inhaler anymore...

they've gone...
but the memories are still here with me..
i never forget it bcoz it deserves a place in my heart..
i won't cry coz it's over..
but i never forget that they have been a part in my life...

i love you emerald...
the most...
and your pretty kittens..
the cheerful sparkle..
the passive comel..
the shy sayang..
the fat chouji..
the big brother kakashi..

each of them will be remembered..
and i ask Allah to preserve them for me..
may they live a better life now and forever insya Allah...


i don't have their pics right now.. so sorry guys..

p/s: i've written a post about my holiday back at the village but i postpone it since i cannot upload our pictures yet.. wait kay?? :D