Sunday, May 15, 2016

Home. 4th May 2016

Of the sleepless nights,
Of the unavoidable thoughts,
The scare, the fear,
The urge of running away,
A sleep would be very necessary now.
A sleep would put a stop to all of these.
But why couldn't i have it when i need it the most.
And then comes the thoughts of going somewhere else,
You know.
Just talking to someone about all these creeping thoughts
About that person who scares me
About that person that ive fallen in love of since 2014
About everything.
So small, so little, but still matters.
And listening to the thoughts from all of you would definitely make me feel better.
Would at least make me feel secure.
You guys are the most comfortable to be around with.
You guys.
Are the closest definition of home,
Where my heart feels it most belongs,
Where when i reside, im no longer searching for home
-Home. 00:11, 4th May-

Saturday, May 7, 2016

of heartbreaks

It was evening.
The moment she told me that.
My heart breaks.

She then texted me, are you okay?
i said yes, of course, but the truth is tears are rolling down my cheeks.

and i realize, that is the moment when.
my heart breaks,
and it's not your fault,
cuz i break it on my own.
it feels like i've been stabbed,
hard, sakit.
tapi takpe,
certain things do need time,
and this one too, needs time to heal.

i better be careful next time.