Tuesday, May 29, 2012


morning guys!!
smpt sblum nk wat homework aq nk update jap...

okay today's fact:
everybody in my family knows that i am a sleepyhead..

sometimes my family call me sleeping beauty bcoz if they call me sleeping beast then i'll turn to become one n i bet tht time,, no one will survive..
haha.. i'm kidding.. :D

i appear to wake up late when it's schoool holiday..
i mean reaaally late..
but i'm lovin' it..
heheh... yeah.. it's kinda hard for me to sleep early..
and when it's school day,
i need to wake up very early n tht drove me crazy at school..
so when it holiday,,
it's like a repay for me..
i sleep late.. wake up to perform subuh prayer..then sleep again..
i always sleep in the morning n stay late when it's night..
i know it's not good for me as student..
i'm tryin to change those habit.. :)

i wake up early this morning coz my grandma ask my mother to ask me to.. :)
and i had my shower early.. :D
i'm so not familiar with the situation in the morning since i always krohh krohh.. hehe..
sumtimes i wake up, have my breakfast then go back to sleep...
so,, not knowing what to do,,
i saw my mom preparing to send Ude to school..
yeahhh she doesn't have longg holiday like us since she's having UPSR...
so.. i quickly ran off to take my hijab n then i'll follow my mom.. :)
i always follow her everywhere she goes..
when she's alone of course.. i don't like to accompany her with lots of ppl..
i won't get her attention since she'll be busy to take care of my younger sisters..
heheh.. look i'm a spoil daughter.. :D

in the car...
i've spoken english with her..
it just come out n i enjoy it since she'll help me when i got stuck..
n when we arrived home, i've spoken english with my grandpa..
and he seems glad to join me!
my grandpa is always cool and that makes me love him sooo much!!
i am really close with my grandpa since he'll hear my babbling and keep smiling.. ;)
and i want him to know that:



heh.. guys.. sorry for the lame post...
just ignore it.. i'm thinking about deleting it but..
i don't know what changes my mind..
anyway i am too emotional sometimes but i'm fine now.. ;)

i think that i haven't post about mahrajan kawad kaki yet..
am i right?? :D
so basically... when i think about it..
it tickles me so much... 
that is the first time i had my shoelace untied..
lost some amount of money to a form3 student..
i don't know where is she now..
i guess i didn't really care about that..
because it is my fault too.. :0

i love my uniform on that day..
coz for three years i have to wear my own uniform which is really big..
it is L in size..
so this year, i book for school uniform which has already complete..
and here it is.. with the name of Fathihi..

i don't know whether he really own this and since he left maahad so his uniform has been kept by teacher or he really don't own this but teacher had his name...
hmm i don't know...
actually i also don't know whether he exist.. XD
coz that's school uniform..

anyway, i love it!
it is M in size and suits me perfectly...
after we finished marching..
mimi approached me and said..
ehhh kite samala... mula2x aq takut tali kasut aq tercabut.. tgok2x ko pun sama.. naseb baik ade kawan.. 
n i was like.. seriously memey??  you marched with untied shoelace??
yeahh i had a gang.. haha..


Monday, May 28, 2012


i feel sick..
honestly,, i hate the fact tht i'm too fragile..
sometimes i take life too serious i guess??
i cannot bear the fact when ppl teased me..
i feel so sad sometimes i want to cry..
it just that i try to maintain my expression..
but it will not last for such a long time..
if they still keep teasing me,,
maybe i already burst into tears..
i hate that fact...
really hate it..
sometimes i just hope tht i can run away from all the problems i had..
but that won't solve anything..
i also thought about other ppl who suffer more thn me in this life..
but they remain strong...
regardless to that fact i wish i'm like them...
i know that ppl are difference..
but my kind is just like...
i dunno but it's hard for me to hide my feelings in front of ppl..
when i'm happy i'll be too excited..
when i'm angry i'll give cold look to everybody n refuse to do any work..
when i'm sad i'll cry my heart out n i feel like i want to disappear from this world..
i don't even think i'm meaningful to anybody...
i don't think that someone will miss me if one day i'm gone..
except for my family of course..
i try to be somebody else..
i try to please everybody by doing the job on my own..
but there're abundant of it..
sometimes it cannot be done n regardless to my-short-term-memory,
ppl need to remind me always about what to do next and so on...

when ppl talk to me in such unpleasant way.
i feel very hurt..
when ppl ignore me when i'm talking..
i feel more hurt..
more hurt if that person is somebody that i rely my hope on..

i learn tht life is not about human..
but i cannot get rid of tht feelings to rely myself to humans..
i wish i'm an independent but i'm not..

i feel weaker nowadays...
so weak..
my tears are very easy to spill out..
sometimes i want to quit...
and one day i cry at my class coz i can't bear it when my friend scolded me when i asked her to do her job..
but i keep tht... saadah quickly drive me to the toilet so anyone wouldn't see...
but a teacher saw it.. i hope she'll understand..
that's me..

now you know...
so leave me if u hate me..

Sunday, May 27, 2012


hey peeps!!
today i'll make my post into two as i believe tht u r annoyed of my longgg post..
right?? haha.. it seems sooo terrible to read when it is too long..
so, let's make it short n simple! ;)
okay, so after that exam-thingy had rest in peace.. heheh..
i started to involve again in the TrEES' competition..
it's short  for Treat Every Environment Special...

i've been picked to join this team..
at first it was very unexpected..
farhah approached me and said...
"Mun, tc nk no. ic awak.."
and i was like eh??
"oh,, ic satu kelas eh??"
since i was the assistant class monitor so i thought tht was it!
and she was like... noooo just your's..
and i feel really blurry and i asked: which tc??
farhah: tc norhayati...
me: what for??
farhah: TrEES'... tc selected u to join in..
me: seriously?? OMG i'm sucks in chemist.. oh my,, what should i do?? why don't tc ask sarah?? she's the best in chemist n suddenly i realize one thing that is missing.. eh,,, why on the first place she picked me??
farhah: ntahla,, sbb awk pndai chemist kut..
me: alaaa my chemist is just 68% la.. how come?? nnt aq x leh jwb soalan kang... pilihlah sarah..why did she pick me???
farhah: ntah, sbb awk pndai BI kut..
me: and tht moment i silent for a while...
okay,, that can be acceptable, i'm not so good in english but.. it's better thn the fact tht i'm good in chemist.. ><"

so, i was like.. ohh ok, i'll meet her...
when meeting tc,, tc said:
"tc pilih awk sbb awk pndi ckp BI kan??
fluent kan?? sbb awk debater.."
and i was like.. ehh sape bgtau tc aq ni debater??
and i was like.. blhla tc,, sikit2x.. hehe..

and tht's how i'll get into the team...
and now we're excited to save the earth.. haha..
no lah...
to create awareness to students in maahad about our environment...
i've got some ideas but that needs to be idled since we have other priorities...
i just hope tht u guys pray for us so tht we can get into final!!

btw, thx to anybody tht suggested me to tc.. (if there's any)
i really enjoying this and...
thank you 
thank you 
thank you 
very much!!! ;D

see?? i'm happy! :D

~special credit to syraqari :]

randomness~ :D

Heyya peeps!!
it's been a very longggg time since i hadn't written my post in english right??
i'm afraid i'll stuck into those words which i can't suits perfectly with my posts..
but who cares now??
i want to improve my english and that needs a long travel though..
so, i better start now.. :D
many things happen nowadays..
and believe me!
it is sooo attractive..
i mean after this exam thingy past away,
i started to get new ideas n new responsibility...
really interesting actually,,
i guess with the responsibility, i'll become more mature thn i was bfore.. :D
i like!

i'm thinking about library's new blog..
the idea is still hanging here but i cannot get it done since we're having our holiday break n tc Ramrah is not available to discuss with.. she's performing her umrah right now...may Allah gives her the best there.. ;D
i am really enthusiastic to make tht blog..
i hope it'll be an informative one and of course not just about books...
and we also need cooperation from other students..
i haven't discuss about this with my 'biro' yet..
if this year i'm not in the IT 'biro',
i wouldn't have the spirit to create a blog for library for sure..
but Alhamdulillah,,
He knows what best for me..
at first i was like,,
hmmm 'biro IT'??
so bored..
but suddenly the idea pop out and i feel refresh again!!
the new project that i plan need a lot of participation from senior students.. interesting right??
i hope we can make a great and up to date one...
insyaAllah.. i'll tell u when it's done.. kay??
^_^ smile~