Sunday, May 27, 2012

randomness~ :D

Heyya peeps!!
it's been a very longggg time since i hadn't written my post in english right??
i'm afraid i'll stuck into those words which i can't suits perfectly with my posts..
but who cares now??
i want to improve my english and that needs a long travel though..
so, i better start now.. :D
many things happen nowadays..
and believe me!
it is sooo attractive..
i mean after this exam thingy past away,
i started to get new ideas n new responsibility...
really interesting actually,,
i guess with the responsibility, i'll become more mature thn i was bfore.. :D
i like!

i'm thinking about library's new blog..
the idea is still hanging here but i cannot get it done since we're having our holiday break n tc Ramrah is not available to discuss with.. she's performing her umrah right now...may Allah gives her the best there.. ;D
i am really enthusiastic to make tht blog..
i hope it'll be an informative one and of course not just about books...
and we also need cooperation from other students..
i haven't discuss about this with my 'biro' yet..
if this year i'm not in the IT 'biro',
i wouldn't have the spirit to create a blog for library for sure..
but Alhamdulillah,,
He knows what best for me..
at first i was like,,
hmmm 'biro IT'??
so bored..
but suddenly the idea pop out and i feel refresh again!!
the new project that i plan need a lot of participation from senior students.. interesting right??
i hope we can make a great and up to date one...
insyaAllah.. i'll tell u when it's done.. kay??
^_^ smile~

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