Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The first flake falls down,
Shiny, clear
and pretty
She stretches her arm forward, reaching the flake..
Soft, cold,
She giggles
More to come! She says,
Happily, she stares at the sky..
Full of hopes n glitters in her eyes..
1,2, other flakes fall down,
She open both of her hands
Hoping to catch as much flakes as she can
It is cold
She trembles
And giggles at the same time
She is alone..
In the coldness
But she is happier than ever
She enjoys screaming and giggling to her own amusement
Which others won't understand
So here she is
Isolating herself from others
Just to give herself some space
To breath and enjoy the tiny bits of life

Thursday, July 17, 2014

be happy

i'm happy.
all of the sudden.
i saw something on instagram, it says "why should we feel sad when we can feel happy?"
and idk y, it sounds so legit to me
i mean.. i know that past is past but now, i finally realized that it's the reality and now, i'm all good to let things go..
i do, sometimes feel sad when i remember the blasts that i had back then
and somehow it makes me realize that one day, upm is going to be my past too..
so i wanna fill in the times that i still have and make the most out of it so that when i graduate, i really really have fun and beautiful memories to look at..

i also realize that i should wake up from my sleep..
i should go, venture things and mix with people..
just get to know my new friends and have fun with them..
it's not a bad thing to get to know new people..
probably i'm just paranoid
but don't worry, i'm looking forward to it :D

in short, i think i should find myself again
because i wanna be happy like i used to be
and let things go
i wanna live a new life as a new person :)