Saturday, November 30, 2013


The night is soo beautiful..
It is very quiet and calming..
Which allows me to give some space for this teeny tiny lil compartment in my brain to start functioning..
Bringing me to my right common sense..
All alone without anybody to judge, interrupt or influence my thought..
It's personally completely my thought..
I love it..

Sometimes life brings you to a point which makes you feel breathless, suffocating and drowning..
It is very tiring..
And on top of that, one thing that adds on to the mess is people thoughts..
I don't know..
Some people got along with it but it's different to me..
To me, it's neither entertaining nor amusing..
It just. Pale, dark and creepy..
Tbh, sometimes i feel like a whole different person when i meet people..
I feel that the space that they give me is too small for me to jump and accelerate as much as i want..
I feel caged and traped in a small lonely cold box..
It is for a matter of fact, the reason that i appear to be quiet and awkward..
Cuz i think people are streotyping too much and i just don't want to mess up so i keep myself silent..

It's a matter of fact, that if u see someone who are friendly, talk to people nicely and politely, it will come to ur mind that hey, that person is a very good person..
But when it comes to a person who messed up a lot, they usually dont like it.. Thus they always see the black of the white as if theres no good in that person..
And it's life.. Ppl always judge what they see, read and stuff..
Very few people in this world look beyond and upon, think wisely and say hey, we should not judge anybody as they maybe someone better than us but we just don't know it. Or maybe they hide their good acts cuz they r sincere ppl.. Who knows? Or maybe theres a reason y they hve done tht..
Who would thought abt this?
Very few i tell ya..
An analogy, ur driving a car, somebody drives like crazy and almost hit u..
What will come across ur mind?
I bliv most ppl wld say bad word, express their anger and stuff..
But has this ever came across ur mind?
No.1 - tht person has lost someone whom he loves and he just can't control his emotion..
No. 2 - his wife is giving birth and he needs to rush quickly
No. 3 - he troubles health problems, maybe hyper-activeness or nerve problems that leads to that act..
Have that ever come across ur mind?
Nope. Y? U bliv wht u see. U see somebody speeding and messed up. But u never want to understand that person.. And u dont want to care bcuz its not important to u..

Thats life..
Thats the people..
I messed up quite a lot and i hope ppl would try to understand that maybe there r something behind something that they dont know and just dont judge..
I mean come on.. Ppl nowadays judge like crazy like they r perfect..
They feel good making others feel bad..
And sometimes i wish i have this magic mirror when somebody judge someone that mirror will reflect back their action towards them..
Then life is fair.. Then u know how ur judgement is actually not fair even for urself..
Allah is the only one who can judge..
Y? He knows everything even the deepest heart desires and intentions..
And to people out there who loves judging,
U r just normal people that may or may not ruin ones life and character

P/s: i get lazy and didnt punctuate my words correctly.. It was on purpose

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Sahabat tu.. Dia tlg satu sama lain..
Mguatkan yg lemah, mmbangunkn yg rebah..
Aq stress, x brp sihat kblkgn ni so byk x smpt bce..
Esk fizik, 3 pper..
Aq bgtahu dia,
Sgguh aq x brsedia!
Dia bg kata2 semangat, aq rse lega sdikit n brtmbh kuat..
Dia yg lain pula rse lemah, aq pula yg mmberikan kata2 smgt..
Ya. Inilah sahabat..
Hri ni aq sedar btp kita saling memerlukan satu sama lain..
Terima kasih sahabat..
Kerana sentiasa setia bersamaku..

P/s: esk pper fizik then kimia then bio non stop.. We really need ur prayers.. Doakn please #Hoping n #Trying

Monday, November 11, 2013

oh sejarah

mannn the next paper is sejarah!!
and i don't want to update my blog or whatever cuz i'm sitting for spm..
but while i'm waiting for azan to end,
i think i'll give it a go..
so i'm freaking out because i dunno why it's harder for me to memorize sejarah now..
i feel like asking somebody, hey how do u excel in sejarah/ do u have any tips?
but i'm like oh munierah dh dkt gler nak exam bru nk tnye..
so i guess i'll try my best..
i hope my brain is at it's best function cuz when it does, it works wonders..
aduhai.. seriously this is soooooooo creepy..
pray for us, the spm candidates whenever u remember us n u read this..
okaylah assalamualaikum