Monday, November 11, 2013

oh sejarah

mannn the next paper is sejarah!!
and i don't want to update my blog or whatever cuz i'm sitting for spm..
but while i'm waiting for azan to end,
i think i'll give it a go..
so i'm freaking out because i dunno why it's harder for me to memorize sejarah now..
i feel like asking somebody, hey how do u excel in sejarah/ do u have any tips?
but i'm like oh munierah dh dkt gler nak exam bru nk tnye..
so i guess i'll try my best..
i hope my brain is at it's best function cuz when it does, it works wonders..
aduhai.. seriously this is soooooooo creepy..
pray for us, the spm candidates whenever u remember us n u read this..
okaylah assalamualaikum

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