Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BBC - i wanna be a nerd

so currently i've been trying to add my knowledge by reading bbc..
and it was really fun except for the part that i don't understand certain words or the meaning of certain parts of the sentence.. *am i getting this right?*

i was trying to get help from everywhere like i posted it on our english group,debate group anything that i thought would get me some help.. if somebody who is good in english and not busy at the moment, i would totally ask him/her..
just i need to find the meaning..
it sometimes took ages..
what makes it most difficult..

anyway, on top of that, i began to love knowledge (Y)
haha i found it very surprising yet i feel some sorts of happiness and contentment reading all those stuffs..
i just.. idk..
i wanna be a nerd like seriously a total nerd knowing that there's so much that i don't know..

sometimes i get bored n i just thought that i have to read one or two news from bbc before i sleep, i would totally opt for my favourite issue which is..


tell me, who will get bored with sport??
usually i'll read about football only.. not other sports like golf or something.. heheh
i'm also interested in tennis world though since i'm a huge fan of maria sharapova and totally interested in matches between roger federer and rafael nadal..
be it there r other better tennis rivals, i just love the battles between these two guys.. hahah..

so that's pretty much it to babble tonight.. i think my grammar has worsen.. anyways


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