Wednesday, October 2, 2013

my lil angah has grown up :')

Lmenye aq x update..
Ahwell sbnrny aq dh ape a.. Mcm insaf skitla..
n i restrain myself from twitter hahah..
yelah i wanna avoid bnda yg sia2..
so it kinda helps me to focus on my study a lil tbh..
xdela tiap mse nk scroll tl kn..
it's greatlah so far..
and aq rse hidup aq pun mkin ok alhamdulillah..

oh n angah is hving pmr now n idk y but i feel like awhh my baby sister has grown up.. :')
mcm x caye.. dh besar dh adik aq ni..
n maybelah most of the time ppl thought tht i look more immature than her but she's still my lil sis that i used to protect when i was a child n always will when she needs me.. insyaAllah..
Now, my lil sis has grown up so well n become very beautiful n intelligent n i'm really really glad abt that..
we used to fight a LOT back then.. mse kecik lah n haha i always membebel like mak nenek when arguing with her.. cuz thts me lol..
n she'll scream with her serak basah voice *dulu serak basah mcm ramli sarip sbb dia ske nangis* n the most common fight between us was the pulling-hair fight..
awhh i miss those moments when i always became the champion lol.. now she's stronger than me lah cuz somehow i am like u know not very tall XD
oh btw we still have a video of us berebut katil mse kecik lol..

we always spend our time together dri kecik smpai besar..
going to the same tourney, camp etc..
even the moment when i started to have a memory is when i was walking with her..
i remembered walking to our nenek's house which is just behind our house *dulu dduk kt kmpg* and suddenly it's like pap n everything becomes clearer n thts when i discovered that i have my memory :D
*don't question this.. it's my life fact*
so i don't remember a single thing about being alone or anything..
i always have her besides me in my memory..
n when she's small i like to make up stories to scare her..
now that she has grown up n discovered all that i feel powerless lol..

n pagi td while walking together entering the school..
i wished her the best n while we got separated when we went our own ways i just..
idk i felt relieved n touched tht my baby sis has grown up but at the same time i also felt nervous tht she's going to sit for pmr.. like omg i really hope ur going to chill n just rock the questions..
n she seemed chill it just that im nervous.. for her lol..
idk wht is tht
but it's mixed feelings..
weird huh?

anyway i'm just glad tht we all have grown up in a good way n all those childhood memories are just beautiful sometimes i don't even realize that i am this old hahah..
it feels like it just yesterday that i make up stories and taught her nonsense things.. and it's really funny when she laughed because she thinks wht she did is really good while it actually isn't cuz i lied to her n she trusted me hahah.. kids time biasalah..

time flies so fast, we all have grown up yet we are still kids at heart :')

p/s: plg best mse kecik was when i made a mistake, got caught then i lied pastu angah yg kena marah.. but she was soo innocent she didn't say a word n accept the punishment willingly.. hehehe srry sis XD

p/s2: i just asked mom to correct my grammar on this post n she said: tp masa kecik along xdelah nmpak nakal..
n i was like: well.. it's because i'm 'that' good :P

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