Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pause pause

Oh man
Spm is rlly near n mom asked me to put a pause in everything that is not related to spm.. But the problem is,
a) i don't want to
b) i don't want to
c) i don't want to
I wanna go shopping n stuffs n i dunno whts wrong with me i just ughhh..
I want to study but i don't
I want to drill but i don't
So messed up i just don't want to sit fr spm
Wait. I want to but i just hope it will be fine n stuffs but i dunno yet cuz who knows so yeah..
N i lost my physics note book n i dunno whre i put it but i think smebody borrows it n doesn't return it to me but the problem is i dunno who n i think i nd to buy a new one so ugh again..
Gosh really hope i can hangout with my friends now, or studying normally n have fun without worrying about spm.. Like seriously learning with them is totally fun but when everything is abt spm it's not.. It turns to be rushy and serious n i just pass the time with sleeping bcuz i don't want to think or do anything abt it..
N im lost now.. I think i just i dunno

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