Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review on: Majalah Jom!

Today one of my tablemates brought this interesting small magazine called jom!
It is really cute and the cover is awesome!! They got this lil cute guy from 'up' movie and i just can't resist to read it..
Besides, it's been quite a while since i'm searching for good magazines which are totally my cup of tea.. And this one got lots of islamic content which is totally a plus for me and the way it was written just blown me away!
And u know what.. As i started to read it i just immediately got immersed in it.. Like, everybody please don't disturb me.. I'm having my moments.. :DDDD
Mannn it's soooo good!!!

So i decided to do a review on it!

1st: Thought

Generally, i think jom! is definitely a must have for everybody, it is small, easy to carry and it is a light reading material which u can read at all circumstances even before u sleep, in the train, at the hospital and etc..
The content is also interesting and i am really amazed by the illustrations provided.. So fresh and beautiful!

2nd: Some sneak peek from jom!


"Apabila Allah mengkehendaki kebaikan pada seseorang, maka Allah akan 'memperkerjakannya'."
Lalu para sahabat bertanya: "Bagaimanakah Allah 'memperkerjakannya'?"
Baginda menjawab: "Allah akan memberinya taufik untuk melakukan amal soleh, kemudian Allah mencabut nyawanya dalam keadaan demikian."
*subhanallah.. Bestnye klu kita tergolong dlm golongan tu kan?


"walaupun doeramon datang dari masa hadapan dan memberitahu jawapan bagi soalan SPM, anda tidak akan mampu mendapat straight A jika Allah x izinkan"


Bila seseorang itu tenggelam dalam kemaksiatan, dia akan tenggelam dalam kelemahan iman
"Dan musibah apa pun yang menimpa kamu adalah kerana perbuatan tanganmu sendiri, dan Allah memaafkan banyak (dari kesalahan-kesalahanmu)"

3rd: Wrap it up!

So guys.. The conclusion is..
If u never read this then u should totally go to the nearest bookstore NOWW and purchase it! cuz u know what..
This small little mag just contains abundance of knowledge and insight about life, religion and current issues that happening in our muslim world.. Just like u got everything in it and it's really3x fascinating i tell ya..

4th: oopss forgot.. Comparison

So just a lil bit on comparison,
Usually other mags provide lots of facts from page to page..
Like it just purely facts without good wordings..
Which i am so not going to read every single one of it.. Cuz i get bored easily..
But this one has short and compact facts with interesting stories.. N I just.. Awhh i'm in love with it

5th: Rating!

I rate this magazine with 9.8 out of 10 marks
So guys.. That's it for today.. Thanks for reading! Assalamualaikum :)

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