Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BBC - i wanna be a nerd

so currently i've been trying to add my knowledge by reading bbc..
and it was really fun except for the part that i don't understand certain words or the meaning of certain parts of the sentence.. *am i getting this right?*

i was trying to get help from everywhere like i posted it on our english group,debate group anything that i thought would get me some help.. if somebody who is good in english and not busy at the moment, i would totally ask him/her..
just i need to find the meaning..
it sometimes took ages..
what makes it most difficult..

anyway, on top of that, i began to love knowledge (Y)
haha i found it very surprising yet i feel some sorts of happiness and contentment reading all those stuffs..
i just.. idk..
i wanna be a nerd like seriously a total nerd knowing that there's so much that i don't know..

sometimes i get bored n i just thought that i have to read one or two news from bbc before i sleep, i would totally opt for my favourite issue which is..


tell me, who will get bored with sport??
usually i'll read about football only.. not other sports like golf or something.. heheh
i'm also interested in tennis world though since i'm a huge fan of maria sharapova and totally interested in matches between roger federer and rafael nadal..
be it there r other better tennis rivals, i just love the battles between these two guys.. hahah..

so that's pretty much it to babble tonight.. i think my grammar has worsen.. anyways


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pause pause

Oh man
Spm is rlly near n mom asked me to put a pause in everything that is not related to spm.. But the problem is,
a) i don't want to
b) i don't want to
c) i don't want to
I wanna go shopping n stuffs n i dunno whts wrong with me i just ughhh..
I want to study but i don't
I want to drill but i don't
So messed up i just don't want to sit fr spm
Wait. I want to but i just hope it will be fine n stuffs but i dunno yet cuz who knows so yeah..
N i lost my physics note book n i dunno whre i put it but i think smebody borrows it n doesn't return it to me but the problem is i dunno who n i think i nd to buy a new one so ugh again..
Gosh really hope i can hangout with my friends now, or studying normally n have fun without worrying about spm.. Like seriously learning with them is totally fun but when everything is abt spm it's not.. It turns to be rushy and serious n i just pass the time with sleeping bcuz i don't want to think or do anything abt it..
N im lost now.. I think i just i dunno

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review on: Majalah Jom!

Today one of my tablemates brought this interesting small magazine called jom!
It is really cute and the cover is awesome!! They got this lil cute guy from 'up' movie and i just can't resist to read it..
Besides, it's been quite a while since i'm searching for good magazines which are totally my cup of tea.. And this one got lots of islamic content which is totally a plus for me and the way it was written just blown me away!
And u know what.. As i started to read it i just immediately got immersed in it.. Like, everybody please don't disturb me.. I'm having my moments.. :DDDD
Mannn it's soooo good!!!

So i decided to do a review on it!

1st: Thought

Generally, i think jom! is definitely a must have for everybody, it is small, easy to carry and it is a light reading material which u can read at all circumstances even before u sleep, in the train, at the hospital and etc..
The content is also interesting and i am really amazed by the illustrations provided.. So fresh and beautiful!

2nd: Some sneak peek from jom!


"Apabila Allah mengkehendaki kebaikan pada seseorang, maka Allah akan 'memperkerjakannya'."
Lalu para sahabat bertanya: "Bagaimanakah Allah 'memperkerjakannya'?"
Baginda menjawab: "Allah akan memberinya taufik untuk melakukan amal soleh, kemudian Allah mencabut nyawanya dalam keadaan demikian."
*subhanallah.. Bestnye klu kita tergolong dlm golongan tu kan?


"walaupun doeramon datang dari masa hadapan dan memberitahu jawapan bagi soalan SPM, anda tidak akan mampu mendapat straight A jika Allah x izinkan"


Bila seseorang itu tenggelam dalam kemaksiatan, dia akan tenggelam dalam kelemahan iman
"Dan musibah apa pun yang menimpa kamu adalah kerana perbuatan tanganmu sendiri, dan Allah memaafkan banyak (dari kesalahan-kesalahanmu)"

3rd: Wrap it up!

So guys.. The conclusion is..
If u never read this then u should totally go to the nearest bookstore NOWW and purchase it! cuz u know what..
This small little mag just contains abundance of knowledge and insight about life, religion and current issues that happening in our muslim world.. Just like u got everything in it and it's really3x fascinating i tell ya..

4th: oopss forgot.. Comparison

So just a lil bit on comparison,
Usually other mags provide lots of facts from page to page..
Like it just purely facts without good wordings..
Which i am so not going to read every single one of it.. Cuz i get bored easily..
But this one has short and compact facts with interesting stories.. N I just.. Awhh i'm in love with it

5th: Rating!

I rate this magazine with 9.8 out of 10 marks
So guys.. That's it for today.. Thanks for reading! Assalamualaikum :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

my lil angah has grown up :')

Lmenye aq x update..
Ahwell sbnrny aq dh ape a.. Mcm insaf skitla..
n i restrain myself from twitter hahah..
yelah i wanna avoid bnda yg sia2..
so it kinda helps me to focus on my study a lil tbh..
xdela tiap mse nk scroll tl kn..
it's greatlah so far..
and aq rse hidup aq pun mkin ok alhamdulillah..

oh n angah is hving pmr now n idk y but i feel like awhh my baby sister has grown up.. :')
mcm x caye.. dh besar dh adik aq ni..
n maybelah most of the time ppl thought tht i look more immature than her but she's still my lil sis that i used to protect when i was a child n always will when she needs me.. insyaAllah..
Now, my lil sis has grown up so well n become very beautiful n intelligent n i'm really really glad abt that..
we used to fight a LOT back then.. mse kecik lah n haha i always membebel like mak nenek when arguing with her.. cuz thts me lol..
n she'll scream with her serak basah voice *dulu serak basah mcm ramli sarip sbb dia ske nangis* n the most common fight between us was the pulling-hair fight..
awhh i miss those moments when i always became the champion lol.. now she's stronger than me lah cuz somehow i am like u know not very tall XD
oh btw we still have a video of us berebut katil mse kecik lol..

we always spend our time together dri kecik smpai besar..
going to the same tourney, camp etc..
even the moment when i started to have a memory is when i was walking with her..
i remembered walking to our nenek's house which is just behind our house *dulu dduk kt kmpg* and suddenly it's like pap n everything becomes clearer n thts when i discovered that i have my memory :D
*don't question this.. it's my life fact*
so i don't remember a single thing about being alone or anything..
i always have her besides me in my memory..
n when she's small i like to make up stories to scare her..
now that she has grown up n discovered all that i feel powerless lol..

n pagi td while walking together entering the school..
i wished her the best n while we got separated when we went our own ways i just..
idk i felt relieved n touched tht my baby sis has grown up but at the same time i also felt nervous tht she's going to sit for pmr.. like omg i really hope ur going to chill n just rock the questions..
n she seemed chill it just that im nervous.. for her lol..
idk wht is tht
but it's mixed feelings..
weird huh?

anyway i'm just glad tht we all have grown up in a good way n all those childhood memories are just beautiful sometimes i don't even realize that i am this old hahah..
it feels like it just yesterday that i make up stories and taught her nonsense things.. and it's really funny when she laughed because she thinks wht she did is really good while it actually isn't cuz i lied to her n she trusted me hahah.. kids time biasalah..

time flies so fast, we all have grown up yet we are still kids at heart :')

p/s: plg best mse kecik was when i made a mistake, got caught then i lied pastu angah yg kena marah.. but she was soo innocent she didn't say a word n accept the punishment willingly.. hehehe srry sis XD

p/s2: i just asked mom to correct my grammar on this post n she said: tp masa kecik along xdelah nmpak nakal..
n i was like: well.. it's because i'm 'that' good :P