Friday, August 29, 2014

of current life n kesayangans

Allah has blessed me with beautiful people in my life.
I've never expected a single thing that happens right now, before.
Few months ago, i was at my worst state.
I was never a person like that, being so demotivated of myself and feeling useless.
At one point, i almost hate everybody because i feel useless in front of them.
Changing universities, it impacts me a lot. Moreover when it comes to people thoughts and views.
The moment when i received even a slightest negative opinion, i hate myself.

But alhamdulillah now,
i've realized that i've made the right choice and it's the best gift that i've received from Him.
only now i managed to see the hikmah behind everything that happens.
even though some people might still think that i've made the wrong choice all this time, chose to enter utp and spent my parents money more than 7K there, alhamdulillah, i believe in His plan, i believe that there's a specific reason why He puts me there and alhamdulillah, i'm glad that i've made that choice even though it was for temporary.

Now, i'm in upm and i've never met such wonderful classmates like this.
i've never felt so welcome and touched with people whom i just knew.
i feel like i have a family whom i feel most comfortable to be with n with them, i am me.
sometimes u r just a different person, when ur with ur family and when ur with ur friends but they make me feel so welcome that i feel no difference when i'm with them and when i'm with my family.
it is an abundance of happiness :)

now, i realized how much He loves me that He puts me in such situations for a reason.
during my time in utp,
i learnt about being independent and more about myself because i am alone before i have true friends.
i learnt the best way for me to study because apparently everybody has their own way.
i learnt to prioritize things and restrain myself from doing useless things that will affect my study.

so when i enter upm,
it's like i have been given a second chance to re-do my uni life.
and it's such a wonderful gift for me.
To be able to re-do things and correct my previous mistakes.

All in all,
i was having a great time..
everybody was so nice that i won't mind working with any of them..

knowing each of them is such a gift.
and now i realize how much He loves me

"sesungguhnya janji Allah itu tidak akan menghampakan. Dialah sebaik-baik perancang dan Dialah Yang Maha Mengetahui"

last class for sem 1


ada plak yg tmpg menyelfie

guys with madam tanteks

girls pulak

ramai2 united

Monday, August 18, 2014


i needed to prepare some short journals recently, it was for my english coursework and i would love to share it here since i haven't written anything for quite some times. Still working on my grammar and wording tho.. anyway, enjoy reading!


She cuddled me at that night. I was crying non-stop and she did not know why. She felt dejected. What else has she not done to comfort the crying baby? She then burst into tears and he came to comfort her. Both of them looked at the baby and in her eyes, they saw love. The tiny baby, despite the endless cry every night, brought happiness into their live. That tiny baby is their symbol of love and every dwarf-step that she takes, made them feel proud. Now, that little girl has grown up. She is full of love from her parents. She is now a happy person feeling loved every single second. Thank you, mom and dad for loving me and staying tough when I always put you down. I can never repay your love and I will always and always love both of you.

Happiest moment

          Life is a bouncy ride. The ups and downs are the essence of life. Whether we like it or not, we cannot go against the nature of life. It was made for purposes and as humans, we cannot change things that are beyond our capability but what we can do is that, we can change the way we feel about it. I realized these things 2 years ago when I joined debate. Debate has changed my view in so many ways. I began to love every tidbits of my journey. I believe that there are reasons for everything that happened and all of the reasons lead to an eternal happiness. Therefore, it is no use for us to feel sad or unhappy because we all know that nothing last forever. The sadness and pain will go away one day. I never feel so contented before. Joining debate has grown the euphoria inside me and that is my happiest moment.


It is so beautiful, like the season when Sakura flowers fall to the earth and the wind blows each one of them. It brings every piece of me to the state of tranquility. That is how I would describe our friendship back then in 2013. We were originally from different classes but we were just meant to be together. I still remember the moment when I was transferred to Zainab’s class. It was so quiet and spooky. But then I met Zainab. She was so different from other people. She taught me about life more than anybody did. She made me realize that life is not just about scoring or obeying every single thing that they told you to do. Life is about improving things even the rules and we do not have to worry if we do the right thing. In short, my life changed and since then, I have become a calmer person because she made me found my inner happiness.

My pet

          I named him Justin because he is so handsome like Justin Timberlake.  It was my semester break at that time and I was in charge of the bunnies. I do not favor animals as much as my little sisters do but I have no choice since nobody was at home except me. Then, the female bunny gave birth to two beautiful baby bunnies. I was really excited at that time seeing those two little creatures yawning and sleeping and since that, my heart grows fonder towards them. He is a man now and I do not take care of him anymore since I am in university but every time I return home and call his name, he will run towards me and it makes me feel euphoric.

Interesting place

          Although I’m a fan of Spain football team, but still, if someone asks me the place that I have always dreamt to go, I would say I want to go to the lovely city of Italy, Venice. I first saw Venice in a movie which was acted by Johny Depp and Angelina Jolie.  Since that, I have fallen in love with the angelic city. The view from the window of your room with river flowing below it is magical. I love the eye-catching and scenic view in Venice. Hence, I really hope that one day I can witness the aesthetics of Venice with my own eyes.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gelap dan cerah.

Langit tu kan x selalu cerah.
Kdg2 awan jadi mendung juga.
Semuanya begitu.
Aturan hidup.
Berputar dan berubah.
Dan apabila semua kembali ke tempat asal,
Dan angin hitam menghilang,
Barulah kelihatan sinar yg sebenar.
Setia bersamamu di setiap ketika.
Gelap dan cerah.