Friday, August 29, 2014

of current life n kesayangans

Allah has blessed me with beautiful people in my life.
I've never expected a single thing that happens right now, before.
Few months ago, i was at my worst state.
I was never a person like that, being so demotivated of myself and feeling useless.
At one point, i almost hate everybody because i feel useless in front of them.
Changing universities, it impacts me a lot. Moreover when it comes to people thoughts and views.
The moment when i received even a slightest negative opinion, i hate myself.

But alhamdulillah now,
i've realized that i've made the right choice and it's the best gift that i've received from Him.
only now i managed to see the hikmah behind everything that happens.
even though some people might still think that i've made the wrong choice all this time, chose to enter utp and spent my parents money more than 7K there, alhamdulillah, i believe in His plan, i believe that there's a specific reason why He puts me there and alhamdulillah, i'm glad that i've made that choice even though it was for temporary.

Now, i'm in upm and i've never met such wonderful classmates like this.
i've never felt so welcome and touched with people whom i just knew.
i feel like i have a family whom i feel most comfortable to be with n with them, i am me.
sometimes u r just a different person, when ur with ur family and when ur with ur friends but they make me feel so welcome that i feel no difference when i'm with them and when i'm with my family.
it is an abundance of happiness :)

now, i realized how much He loves me that He puts me in such situations for a reason.
during my time in utp,
i learnt about being independent and more about myself because i am alone before i have true friends.
i learnt the best way for me to study because apparently everybody has their own way.
i learnt to prioritize things and restrain myself from doing useless things that will affect my study.

so when i enter upm,
it's like i have been given a second chance to re-do my uni life.
and it's such a wonderful gift for me.
To be able to re-do things and correct my previous mistakes.

All in all,
i was having a great time..
everybody was so nice that i won't mind working with any of them..

knowing each of them is such a gift.
and now i realize how much He loves me

"sesungguhnya janji Allah itu tidak akan menghampakan. Dialah sebaik-baik perancang dan Dialah Yang Maha Mengetahui"

last class for sem 1


ada plak yg tmpg menyelfie

guys with madam tanteks

girls pulak

ramai2 united

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