Friday, September 26, 2014


it's between enjoying your coaster ride or picking all the emerald stones along the ride.
put it this way.
you're riding a roller coaster, but it's not a useless coaster like we always have now, it doesn't offer you only the excitement of riding it, but it also went into a tunnel full of emerald stone.
so, between the two that i've stated above, which will you choose?

to me,
that's life. i don't really know my decision. i don't know whether i can enjoy the coaster while picking emerald stones or anything but in order to have the ultimate of something you need to fully look into it.

remember this quote? "those who wants the crown, bears the crown"
means, whatever that you want in life, if you really want to achieve it, you need to sacrifice things and bear with everything that come a long with it.
you need to pay for the tax.
but don't worry, it's not GST. it's life tax.

i, sometimes do wonder what i wanna become.
i do find my interest in certain things nowadays. like before, i couldn't figure out what i like and what i don't but now it seems clearer to me.
but i still cannot decide what i don't like because in sem 2, physics seems interesting out of the sudden and you know i'm always hyped up when things become interesting.

i want to add spices into my sem 2 life.
i want something more than studying but i'm afraid i couldn't bear taxes that come along with it.
i just wanna give one shot and one shot only in my study.
i don't wanna slip, lose my focus and regret about it later.
i wanna achieve my dreams well even though i don't have a specific ones but i know, it's a good one because dreams are always about good things.
so i decided to reject an offer to become a committee because i'm afraid and maybe i don't know.

i set up a line.
the first thing that i will join other than studying is debate.
and then after that, i'll see whether i can juggle between things and if i can, then only i'll try other things.
for now, i don't hear anything about debate in upm since degree kids just got back from the break so i guess they haven't started any training yet.
so my other life than studying is on hiatus.

that's probably it.
i just miss being a part of committee but maybe this is the best because i don't want to miss that one shot

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