Thursday, October 23, 2014

pouring my heart and soul

After a while, i was having writer's block and i am not interested to write anything.
It may be due to the fact that my semester 2 appears to be more hectic than semester 1 and i'm a lil bit busy.

The last time i wrote was for nst and i love my work because i put so much effort into it. The original article that i wrote was longer but they've edited it to suit it with the current status quo. It's okay though, i still keep the original one :)

So, talking about writing or anything basically,
i love to leave remarks in everything that i produce or write.
i think it's kinda necessary to make it obvious that it's your handwork
and giving it to people to enjoy it, i just love it.
it's like you're baking your own secret recipe muffin, topped with your favorite icing and give it to people and they enjoy it!

my mom said i always make everything that i do becomes pellucid.
like i have a peculiar way of doing my things
whenever she reads my writing, she will always say; you've made it very clear that it was you.
and honestly, i feel contented listening to it because being able to produce a distinct art of your own, feels like owning your own fashion label. i know it sounds ridiculous but i really mean it.

so my point is that,
being peculiar than others is actually beyond blessing.
just having such distinct personality and pouring your heart and soul in everything you do,
it's satisfying.
it's different from others,
it's beautiful
and the most important is,
it's so you!

i just love it!
that's why i tried so much to put effort in doing things that i love because i want it to be something momentous and bold and so me
and as a matter of fact, i am a lazy mazy person but there are things that i feel excited doing therefore i just pour my heart into it,
i tried to relate most of the things that i do with my life as much as possible,
because i believe the fragments of my past are beautiful and i believe that putting it in my art and work is a way of symbolizing who i am now,
kinda like bits of puzzle and reminiscing old moments are surely beautiful

i need to pick 3 random pics for my assignment and i included this because i think it's special, one of the beautiful beginning in my life :D  

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