Saturday, September 28, 2013

getting scolded

this morning, mom was not in a good mood..
and as usual my sisters fought at the table during breakfast..
mom was pissed off and we got scolded..
each of us..
to be honest..
i did have those hard-feelings..
but then,
i dunno why..
i feel some sort of happiness and relieved..
that i finally got scolded..
i feel happy that finally mom tells me to do what's right..
i feel happy that finally mom wants me to be a better person..
idklah.. it's weird right?

before this,
mom was a lil bit busy since she got promoted..
and she tried her best to spend her time for us if she could..
she would buy most of the things that we asked because she said she feel sorry for those times that she can't spend with us..
and tbh it's great to have new clothes, new tudung and stuffs..
but i just dunno why.. i don't feel happy..

day by day i think i become more ungrateful for what we have right now and asked for more..
and more..
and still, i never feel satisfied..
but today..
when mom told us how hard she works just to make sure that our needs is fulfilled ...  and how we all just acted like a king, keep asking for things and did nothing than keep complaining..
i just feel like it's a wake up call..
i know it sounds lame..
but for such a long time..
i've been blinded with all these luxury, i never really appreciate what mom and dad did for us..
i just keep asking for things i forgot how hard actually they tried to grant my wish..
and when she mentioned all those things..
somehow i feel relieved and realize how spoiled and ungrateful i was..

all in all.. i just feel relieved that i still got the chances to mend things..
it's good to know my mistakes..
it's good to know that it's not too late to change..

thanks for scolding me, mom :)

p/s: n oyeah she took our handphone too.. and it's kinda boring now but meh maybe it's the best for us ;)

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