Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Between their hopes n my dream..
Between them and me..
Between the reality and past..
They all hit me..
For a second, i turn crazy..
Too much for me to take..
Too hard for me to handle..
Too heavy for me to keep..

Everything comes at once..
I feel suffocated then my heart breaks into pieces..
I can feel all those sharp edges hitting my chest..
It's too painful i cannot cry..

I want to seek for tranquility to mend my broken heart..
But silence makes it worst..
It keeps bleeding until i feel like half of me died already..


i don't belong here..

Or maybe i need a time machine..

I myself don't even know.

Life is very hurting to me but i keep it inside..
Because i know he or she, would never understand..
How broken and torn i am..
Also, i know that one day it will go..
Far far away leaving me with thousands of regrets..
Or otherwise

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