Thursday, July 17, 2014

be happy

i'm happy.
all of the sudden.
i saw something on instagram, it says "why should we feel sad when we can feel happy?"
and idk y, it sounds so legit to me
i mean.. i know that past is past but now, i finally realized that it's the reality and now, i'm all good to let things go..
i do, sometimes feel sad when i remember the blasts that i had back then
and somehow it makes me realize that one day, upm is going to be my past too..
so i wanna fill in the times that i still have and make the most out of it so that when i graduate, i really really have fun and beautiful memories to look at..

i also realize that i should wake up from my sleep..
i should go, venture things and mix with people..
just get to know my new friends and have fun with them..
it's not a bad thing to get to know new people..
probably i'm just paranoid
but don't worry, i'm looking forward to it :D

in short, i think i should find myself again
because i wanna be happy like i used to be
and let things go
i wanna live a new life as a new person :)

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