Tuesday, May 29, 2012


morning guys!!
smpt sblum nk wat homework aq nk update jap...

okay today's fact:
everybody in my family knows that i am a sleepyhead..

sometimes my family call me sleeping beauty bcoz if they call me sleeping beast then i'll turn to become one n i bet tht time,, no one will survive..
haha.. i'm kidding.. :D

i appear to wake up late when it's schoool holiday..
i mean reaaally late..
but i'm lovin' it..
heheh... yeah.. it's kinda hard for me to sleep early..
and when it's school day,
i need to wake up very early n tht drove me crazy at school..
so when it holiday,,
it's like a repay for me..
i sleep late.. wake up to perform subuh prayer..then sleep again..
i always sleep in the morning n stay late when it's night..
i know it's not good for me as student..
i'm tryin to change those habit.. :)

i wake up early this morning coz my grandma ask my mother to ask me to.. :)
and i had my shower early.. :D
i'm so not familiar with the situation in the morning since i always krohh krohh.. hehe..
sumtimes i wake up, have my breakfast then go back to sleep...
so,, not knowing what to do,,
i saw my mom preparing to send Ude to school..
yeahhh she doesn't have longg holiday like us since she's having UPSR...
so.. i quickly ran off to take my hijab n then i'll follow my mom.. :)
i always follow her everywhere she goes..
when she's alone of course.. i don't like to accompany her with lots of ppl..
i won't get her attention since she'll be busy to take care of my younger sisters..
heheh.. look i'm a spoil daughter.. :D

in the car...
i've spoken english with her..
it just come out n i enjoy it since she'll help me when i got stuck..
n when we arrived home, i've spoken english with my grandpa..
and he seems glad to join me!
my grandpa is always cool and that makes me love him sooo much!!
i am really close with my grandpa since he'll hear my babbling and keep smiling.. ;)
and i want him to know that:


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