Friday, June 8, 2012

cat ones good company

hey guys..
i just feel that it's good to share something here..
i got to know that Lina's cat just died...
kamalia's also..
for such a long time me and angah tried to forget our dearest cat and kittens..
and i know we shouldn't...
memories didn't deserve to be kept or hide..
it deserves to be shown..
to be remembered..
to be appreciated..
bcoz it has been a part in our life once..
it play stories along our journey..
so instead of having it buried..
we should sometimes talk, share or wonder about it..

and it goes the same with us..
for me...
i had somebody who i called buddy..
somebody who really excited when the first time i met her..
i never met somebody that show lots of love like her to me when we met for the first time..
when i sleep, she walk and sleep besides me..
usually beside my face..
she won't go..
although sometimes i may push her accidentally..,
but she still there...
sleeping with me..

emerald was her name..
my sister owned her one day...
and days before that,
i started to feel very close to this nature..
i love them..
although i'm quite afraid, but i feel some deep connection with cats around me..
before, i never care about cats..
any cats.. i hate them coz they scared me...

but one day... angah bought this cat..
and she was sick..
she's from SPCA.. there were many other pretty cats..
but angah was attracted to this one..

at home, i was really excited to see her..
although she was very thin we can even see her ribs..
but this is my first time having my own pet..
fyi i never been so close to animals before...
and the first time she saw me..,
she came towards me and i ran..
but she keeps following me..,
and when i'm on my bed watching tv,
she came and lay besides me..
and i move aside..,
she move near to me, i can feel her fur..
she was very closed to me all her medicine on her body stick to my trouser and shirt..
i don't understand why she loved me so much while i never pat her or yeahh care for her as much as angah's do..
but there she was..
never give up to be my buddy..
and that's when we become buddy..
every night, i allowed her to sleep besides me..
sometimes i feel really guilty coz she sleep at the edge of the bed near to my face sometimes i move and she fall to the floor..
but she never seems angry with me..
and i appreciate that...

soon, she got pregnant which she's not suppose to since she should have been sterilised..
and on 8th january which is angah's birthday,
she gave birth to 3 beautiful kitties..
and you know what...
she gave birth in my closet..
when i lift up one of my abaya,
i saw a kitties very small one was hanging to my abaya with closed eyes...
so i ran downstairs and scream excitedly coz i need my mom's help..
i'm a coward u know..
then my mom n kak donah manage everything..
on my father's bday 9th january..
she gave birth to another two healthy white kitties..

they r beautiful...
but they grown up so fast,
we need to buy a big packet of whiskas which just stands for two weeks...
and their poop sand just stand for a week each..
and angah is the one who paid for everything..
my mom do help but it's her cat,
so she paid the most for the food and the poop sand..
it reaches one time they all grew up healthy and fat..
but we cannot afford their expenses anymore..

that time, i went to one week camp for form 3 students..
i stayed in the hostel..
and when i got home,
i was too tired to seek them..
and that evening,
while i was sleeping, my parent sent them all back to SPCA..
i haven't had the chance to meet them...
for a week and forever..
that time..
i feel so guilty and sad..
i cried and cried realizing that my cats will never return and sleep besides me..
i became very quiet and i can't accept the fact that my parent returned them without asking me first..
my mother also cried but my father are very firm with his decision..
there's no turning back..
yeah... that's what happen..

and my mother persuades me..
she told me that insya Allah they'll have a good life there together...
besides, my healthy decreased since i have them..
i have asthma which i never troubled before..
i cough a lot and i have to use inhaler sometimes..
and my mom said that the cats were not suitable for my health..
i'll get worse..
the doctor also said so..

after giving away those cats..
i recovered..
and now,
i don't have to use inhaler anymore...

they've gone...
but the memories are still here with me..
i never forget it bcoz it deserves a place in my heart..
i won't cry coz it's over..
but i never forget that they have been a part in my life...

i love you emerald...
the most...
and your pretty kittens..
the cheerful sparkle..
the passive comel..
the shy sayang..
the fat chouji..
the big brother kakashi..

each of them will be remembered..
and i ask Allah to preserve them for me..
may they live a better life now and forever insya Allah...


i don't have their pics right now.. so sorry guys..

p/s: i've written a post about my holiday back at the village but i postpone it since i cannot upload our pictures yet.. wait kay?? :D

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