Tuesday, May 29, 2012


heh.. guys.. sorry for the lame post...
just ignore it.. i'm thinking about deleting it but..
i don't know what changes my mind..
anyway i am too emotional sometimes but i'm fine now.. ;)

i think that i haven't post about mahrajan kawad kaki yet..
am i right?? :D
so basically... when i think about it..
it tickles me so much... 
that is the first time i had my shoelace untied..
lost some amount of money to a form3 student..
i don't know where is she now..
i guess i didn't really care about that..
because it is my fault too.. :0

i love my uniform on that day..
coz for three years i have to wear my own uniform which is really big..
it is L in size..
so this year, i book for school uniform which has already complete..
and here it is.. with the name of Fathihi..

i don't know whether he really own this and since he left maahad so his uniform has been kept by teacher or he really don't own this but teacher had his name...
hmm i don't know...
actually i also don't know whether he exist.. XD
coz that's school uniform..

anyway, i love it!
it is M in size and suits me perfectly...
after we finished marching..
mimi approached me and said..
ehhh kite samala... mula2x aq takut tali kasut aq tercabut.. tgok2x ko pun sama.. naseb baik ade kawan.. 
n i was like.. seriously memey??  you marched with untied shoelace??
yeahh i had a gang.. haha..


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