Sunday, May 27, 2012


hey peeps!!
today i'll make my post into two as i believe tht u r annoyed of my longgg post..
right?? haha.. it seems sooo terrible to read when it is too long..
so, let's make it short n simple! ;)
okay, so after that exam-thingy had rest in peace.. heheh..
i started to involve again in the TrEES' competition..
it's short  for Treat Every Environment Special...

i've been picked to join this team..
at first it was very unexpected..
farhah approached me and said...
"Mun, tc nk no. ic awak.."
and i was like eh??
"oh,, ic satu kelas eh??"
since i was the assistant class monitor so i thought tht was it!
and she was like... noooo just your's..
and i feel really blurry and i asked: which tc??
farhah: tc norhayati...
me: what for??
farhah: TrEES'... tc selected u to join in..
me: seriously?? OMG i'm sucks in chemist.. oh my,, what should i do?? why don't tc ask sarah?? she's the best in chemist n suddenly i realize one thing that is missing.. eh,,, why on the first place she picked me??
farhah: ntahla,, sbb awk pndai chemist kut..
me: alaaa my chemist is just 68% la.. how come?? nnt aq x leh jwb soalan kang... pilihlah sarah..why did she pick me???
farhah: ntah, sbb awk pndai BI kut..
me: and tht moment i silent for a while...
okay,, that can be acceptable, i'm not so good in english but.. it's better thn the fact tht i'm good in chemist.. ><"

so, i was like.. ohh ok, i'll meet her...
when meeting tc,, tc said:
"tc pilih awk sbb awk pndi ckp BI kan??
fluent kan?? sbb awk debater.."
and i was like.. ehh sape bgtau tc aq ni debater??
and i was like.. blhla tc,, sikit2x.. hehe..

and tht's how i'll get into the team...
and now we're excited to save the earth.. haha..
no lah...
to create awareness to students in maahad about our environment...
i've got some ideas but that needs to be idled since we have other priorities...
i just hope tht u guys pray for us so tht we can get into final!!

btw, thx to anybody tht suggested me to tc.. (if there's any)
i really enjoying this and...
thank you 
thank you 
thank you 
very much!!! ;D

see?? i'm happy! :D

~special credit to syraqari :]

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