Sunday, December 8, 2013


so another blog post at night..
man i love posting at night,
when my mind is screwed up and all weary and this lil voice inside me saying,
hey i need a sleep..
but a wiser organ inside me saying,
man, this is not tiring enuf n u won't sleep if u lie down so,
force urself a lil bit more until u feel u can't take it anymore..
and i do understand that all my organs need a rest right now except mR.brainy who controls everything..
and when this guy doesn't want some rest,
i can't rest..

so when it's night,
i have to somehow,
force my brain to think spontaneously..
like i don't even care what it's thinking,
as long as it gets tired then i can go to sleep.

the thing is that,
i think i've been loving this whole kinda detective act..
like solving mystery cases..
well not so mystery but at least i cn solve it,
was really fun..
but nowadays,
i don't know..
i just prefer something more relax other than just solving n figure out problems..
i rather choose to be playful, doing things straight away rather than focusing on an issue or whateva..

and bcuz of tht,
my enthusiasm to dig out prob is not that much anymore..
eh wrong.
to solve a problem..

man i'm tired..

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