Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I thought.

I thought.
Friends would make me happy.
They did. But finally, they go away
I thought.
If my dreams and imaginations come true,
I would be happy.
But more and more i think about it, more and more unrealistic it appears to be.
I mean..
How long must it take for me to earn enough to be able to feel happy and what if Allah loves me and takes my breath away?
Then i am never happy on earth because i haven't lived the life that would make me happy.
I thought. Good grades would make me happy.
They did. Tremendously. But then i become too proud that i took all the credits to my own.
And then He took it away, so that i learn,
That without His approval,
I am a nobody.
But tonight.
I thought.
I found happiness.
In these small-small little things in life.
The kind of things that nobody would highlight in conversations,
The kind of things that nobody would want to brag about.
Because they are small and sometimes, not tangible.
It is weird.
But they make me feel happy in and out.
P/s: The real happiness to me, is when, deep down inside, you are filled with gratitude and pleasure. And simply feel at ease and happy.
Dont take my words seriously. Im jovial at times, and most jovial because of those 3 reasons but. The feeling is different. If i'm happy because of those three, i feel euphoric and just too happy and then it's gone. But the last one that i found, is very calming. It's the kind of happiness that put me at ease
Thanks for reading!