Tuesday, June 28, 2016

keep walking

there are certain things that we wanna achieve in life,
mine is not big,
i keep it simple and short-termed.
but still there are times when things don't happen that instantaneously,

like this,
i have one goal that i have been dreaming of since i entered degree,
but it still seems like a long journey to reach that,
and sometimes, the clock is ticking and there is zero improvement on that road,
so, what i did was that i grabbed other opportunities that came along the way and tried to explore other optional things that maybe, i am capable of.
but i never forget that one dream,
and whenever i think about it,
i pat my shoulder and say, keep walking.
because i think i shouldn't limit my option on one thing,
say, if i don't get that thing, that doesn't mean i should grieve or consider myself as a failure.
i should just keep on exploring other things and maybe one day Allah will put me back on that path and i can achieve my dreams

and i also bear in mind that,

by time, we will finally get what we want,
with a condition that requires patience and wait.

it just won't happen,
because it is not what Allah has planned for us and therefore, we should just be grateful and happy with the other blessings that He gave us.

so it is all a matter of time,
whether it's going to happen or not.

thus, the most important thing is to keep walking.
because if i think too much of what i don't have and stop grabbing other opportunities,
i wouldn't get to the point where i discover whether or not i was still meant for that thing,
and i will also lose other opportunities that come along.

so what i wanna do now is,
keep my choice open,
let time work things out and keep walking.