Friday, September 28, 2012


The world is wide..

People come and go..
People say hye and bye..
One day we meet then the other day we were separated...

Things happen like that..
Some leaves are painful but some are not..
The thing is, we often make the same mistakes..
over and over again..
although we've faced the situation before,
but then, as normal humans we just forget about this one-simple-thing which is


we always forget to appreciate those who are still here..
with us..

but we waste our time and tears appreciating those who have gone..
those who we can't even talk eyes to eyes or see or laugh with or cry with..

then we forget about those who are still here..
who can actually lend their shoulders and heal our scars and wounds..
who will actually stand and protect us during hard times..
who will share their lovely smile and laugh with us..
we just forget...

one day, we might regret the fact.
that we,
has neglected the moment that we had with them..

so now, stop craving and crying for those who are not here..
but look behind you, look for those who actually still available there for you to share every moment with..

remember, APPRECIATE, one thing that you need to do before you regret :)

 lets share our laugh together, now :)

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