Sunday, September 23, 2012

happy BURSTday!!!

today is kak raihan's birthday!!

and she's flippin fantastic *words tht i learnt from syakirah xD  coz:

1) she is always positive!!
2) she is a girl with lots of spirit!!*can we count spirit?? it's not tangible but meh who cares xD
3) she is always enthusiastic when it comes to debate!! tell her anything abt debate, she'll be thrilled
4) i tell you, she is a VERY VERY good listener :D
5) Lastly, she is incredibly AWESOME!! if you meet her, you better say hi or else you'll regret the fact that you just let her passed by you the whole life ^o^

and to kak raihan:
thanks for becoming my senior, i will never regret the fact that i know you :)
and you know what? you will never be old, coz you will look forever young, happy birthday :D

p/s: she knows that i love caffeine :P

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