Thursday, October 4, 2012

losing is winning

today is the final stage for our project for TrEES..
i feel honored to join in this program altho i find it's quite frustrating for me since i'm not into this project since the early stage..
i prioritized my debate over mostly everything, i also absent during most of the time because of debate, i will never blame debate for that i just feel like i haven't done my job well.. hope He will forgives me..
i skipped a workshop coz i had MUSLEH tournament that time, and too many things to handle makes me bias to certain things that i think is the biggest priority at that moment..
since we got 10 members for TrEES that time, i believe that it's not something that i need to handle first.. coz  i need to lead certain things therefore i prioritized them because without a leader things would just don't work..
and i was sick during the exhibition.. we're fasting at that time and i feel rlly sorry seing my friends putting their best effort in preparing all those things.. again, God forgives me please...

but after i've settled down everything, means limiting my debate activities coz my mom has put a big stop to it, then only i began to participate more in TrEES..
i still go to debate training like usual but i can't go to tournament for this year, as participant, adj even an observer. that's my mom's rule..
then only i know more and more about what actually our project was and i realize that the students, they are actually enthusiastic about this thing, we just need to make the system works, that's it.

and after going through ups and down, finally we've made it to the final.. and i can't tell how proud i feel with our teachers and my team..and here today, we went to community hall in bangsar to exhibit our project to other schools..

we didn't win tho, but i feel proud of my team since we actually have made this, being through the challenges and obstacle to implement our project for our beloved nature, it's noble... :DDDD

and after that i met one of the judges which is dr.Rosli and he did compliment us for the project and he said that actually he gave  us the second highest marks for our project but there are still 2 judges and marks for our presentation and yeah, eventho we lost, he said he actually impressed with us and he hope that this project will be carried on after this and we promised him, it will... :)

and then as i finished talking to dr.Rosli, i met aunty Petwa and she hugged me :) Krista is also there and they said that we've already done a good job and it's hard to choose the winner because the marks are very close.. i said to them, i'm alright and we all will make sure this project will go on as a tradition in MAHISS.. btw aunty petwa is one of the judge and Krista is one of the TrEES organiser..

back from the ceremony,
i learn something important, everybody is there actually to support us, now we are the one who need to support ourselves and achieve our glory in this short life...

and i interpret losing today as winning.. coz to me, i've won, we've all won coz the real intention of this project is to save the nature and yes we have done it so it's a winning for everyone..

smile winner, smile

p/s: freaking out for exams xD

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