Thursday, June 5, 2014


it's been a while.
people around me are getting busy.
everybody has went to uni and i'm counting my days.
nevertheless, i don't really wanna go.
i want my 17 precious time back.
if only i can freeze it.
i want my friends all around me, laughing, crying, pranking, pulling each others' tudung.
i want that.
i wanna see farhah's hype climbing the mango tree at our school.
i wanna see enab rolls her eyes every time we quarrel.
i wanna see aya being cool and i wanna scratch tissues when i'm bored and put it in aya's pencil case until aya screams.
i want that.
i wanna see nili's 5 minutes non-stop laugh until she cries.
i wanna see dina being a mom when i quarrel with enab.
all that. i want it back.
i hate the fact that they've gone.
way too far.
i hate that we're living different lives.
and we cannot go like hey, i hate this school too.

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