Thursday, June 5, 2014


in the middle of the night.
i just wanna talk to you.
i don't know why.
but i like it.
talking to you.
you are very weird but honest and straightforward.
you are different and i like your thoughts on everything.
i like asking your help.
i like talking to you when everybody has fallen asleep.
i like knowing that you are wise and knowledgeable.
but you are cranky sometimes.
it's annoying and i'll count your crankiness to return it back when we talk again.
but you are also sensitive.
not that sensitive of being hurt or stuffs.
you are sensitive about what others feel.
you care about people.
you worry about them.
that's why i like talking to you.
despite the crankiness part, when you are warm, you are really warm.
and that's very calming.

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  1. i dont know who this is about but i loved it <3