Tuesday, January 13, 2015

adios 2014 bienvenido 2015

So Hi and Assalamualaikum.
it's been a while since i've written anything here.
well tbh, i do miss writing, it feels lively to talk about something with full enthusiasm and passion.

2014 has been quite a year for me.
it felt good at certain part then it tumbledown and crashed until the end of 2014.
it was a heart-breaking year for malaysians too.
but i guess i will only tell about the good parts :)
um where do i start?
first, i was accepted as a student at utp and only God knows how grateful and happy i was.
getting to enter uni earlier than anybody else.
i felt as if my life is all about studying like there's no break at all.
first time going to the pasar malam n got left by the bus pastu mcm nak nanges sbb xtau cana nk balik

buruk beno tgkap gamba camni. lepas ni taubat dah. btw this is us, maahad--utp. lps tu smua kluar hahaha

csr - utp always emphasizes on a well-rounded student

i don't live here but this is the only picture that we managed to take before aem left utp

so that's my early moments of entering utp, there are lots of 'susah senang' there because i was far from my family and i think i was very independent at that time. at that time jelah kan.

and then, we also had the drama coursework, due to the pengecut thingy, i settled for narrator and here it goes, The DAY~


and drama honestly was quite interesting, my favorite part is 'making the prop part' i'm so proud of my fire (pic on instagram) and sometimes i thought it would be merrier if jat could join us cus she left after about 3 weeks there and now she's in china (wow). 

and the interesting part of all this drama thingy was getting to know these people which at first, i never realized their presence in the class until "hi, korang x cukup ahli kumpulan lg eh?" and the ice breaking part ; epul, fik, azri, hasni, wan, aimi and nina

and then there's my girls, all together 9 persons but me and firaz decided to leave utp after we got offered to cfs, 

some of them aren't present during our night n this is my cafe; V5 Cafe a.k.a cafe ikan keli :D

dorang ni mmg kawan susah senang, and masing2 lawak gila banyak sangat dah tules appreciation pasai depa kat insta :D
so that's the end of my utp fraction, oh before i forgot, i joined debate for a while (yay!)

we debated at mcD in the morning depan2 orang tgh breakfast babe-so hardcore punyalah XD

and zulaikha (that tudung merah) is my debate bae/bae makan maggi malam2 XD

otw to mcD for debate with trisya
so done with utp, i left utp with a 3.54 gpa for my semester one.

and my spm result was out, i left utp and went to uia,

after all the sweat and tears, we managed to smile and be thankful to Allah :)

and then cfs iium happened, i don't have many pictures of it but in short, i left because i was not a survivor at that time, so i went to upm, and in upm, i've not just gained friends, but family :)

yang melompat tu budak darjah satu 

amali pertanian is not just about cangkul and tanah, sometimes it involves cendawan and selfie
my love, my life :)
our first family day :)
i started pretty well at upm, my sem 1 result was okay but then maybe because i was too sure and confident of myself,
He wanted to save me. He didn't want me to turn out as a cocky person, maybe person yang lupa tuhan.
so then, my sem 2 didn't turn out well, with the results and everything.
berapa kali rasa nak nanges, nak quit, nak give up.
rasa like why everything turned out to become otherwise?
i thought it's going to be a smooth ride.

but then... lama lps tu.. i fikir2..
and bila cuti sem.. i kinda get to redha of what He decided for me..
i realize that it is the best for me.
He planned it that way, not to hurt me, but to let me learn and realize that everything is His. and therefore, i shall not be proud of myself or my success because everything came from Him and i am just nothing. thanks Allah for making me realize that before it was too late :)

so all in all, i've finished 2 semesters in upm now and going to continue my 3rd semester next week. I'm glad He showed me the way and make me realize all that. so i'm all gear up for 3rd sem, my last sem with the family and also, hopefully as a new person for 2015.

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