Thursday, March 5, 2015


At what point will a critism be useful?
At what point the time spent on critising others won't be useless?
Tell me.
Cus life keeps rotating,
You keep aging,
And rotting,
Become more n more unimportant to the society,
And soon one day,
Ur not in the league anymore,
U wont fit in.
Ur just an old lady n nobody cares.
Now tell me,
The part when you chase your fame,
Does it lead you somewhere?
Somewhere just a lil bit there?
A place that you always rave about?
That even if you don't say, it shouts?
Stop it.
Its too much n im sick seeing fake people.
Faking life everywhere.
I dont care if ur life is miserable.
Dont show it.
Who are you to think that ur life is just a lil bit worse than others?
Who are you to keep on ranting on things that weren't even yours?
Sometimes. I keep my distance.
I draw the lines.
But please don't make me feel sick.
Don't make other people feel sick like everything is about you,
U'll age.
U'll wrinkle.
Who knows when?
So stop being so snobbish.
The world isn't yours and just about you.

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