Thursday, August 1, 2013

mereka II

i think i changed a lil bit..
i can't say whether it's good or bad cuz i don't want to judge myself lol,
for the moment, i just want to be free and do what i want to do..
i don't overthink when doing something, i just do it when i feel like it and i love that feeling..
it feels free and awesome like you just do it with those great feelings..
never less a bit cuz you're doing it right at the moment..

so lately i've been thinking about my friends a lot..
i love each of them the way they are and frankly speaking, i don't want us to get separated..
yes we may have a reunion or what so..
but there are soo many of us and we can't gather everybody at once when each person has diff job n schedule..
and that fact upset me lil bit..
i mean, we can wish that our friendship is eternal but it is impossible to return to the school days when we prank each others, pull ones scarve, hide stuffs, throw pencil box..
it was amazing and great!
regarding to the fact that we only have few times left,
i have to change..
not in terms of anything that is important,
it just that i wanna change as in i want to create lots n lots of great memories with them and cheer a lot so there is nothing dull or ugly for us to look back one day..
i don't care what people say at this state
cuz i bliv tht i'm still me but i tend to be more real now i guess..
hahah what's that suppose to mean?

i used to give in in arguments n stuffs before..
cuz i'm like the-greatest-world-peacemaker over the centuries lol xD
now, when there're arguments,
i just fight back n say what i want to say cuz it feels fun and i want to remember this and i know that our fights won't last long cuz we're 17 for god sake and we won't fight like dayss.. it will be like nothing happened and we're friends back xD
and those fights feel worth it..
i don't really fight back because i am angry or what, it just that i feel that it's fun to make someone mad :O
it's just for fun :D

so we have less time now..
but lets make out the most out of the most..
don't question my hyper-activeness and loudness
that's really what i want to do now..
i would love to remember about how funny and messed up we are..
how sarah ran with one shoe because i asked yb to hide the other shoe somewhere, how we hit each other out of the blue, how i threw enab pencil box awaay, how enab moved all my stuff to other table while i'm actually doing my works, how farhah hide my watch a lot of time, how fizah pull my scarve *which was not expected* and i pulled her scarve back for sure xD, how yb sang raya song everytime i asked a question today, how fizah mimicking people hahah..
those are great memories..
there are abundance of them that i can share and share and it will never ends..
i will miss each of them and i will remember how united we are sharing secrets and stories and teasing each other..
there are so much that we have done in this short time and i'm looking forward for more before the school ends..

till then,
assalamualaikum :D

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