Saturday, May 3, 2014


Usually the nights will pass easily n quickly, but not last night..
It was different..
I cannot sleep even though my body felt so tired n my head ached..
I dunno why..
The flashbacks kept coming..
Haunting me with the fear of losing..
I was trying to tell myself that it was not an important matter,
But nothing changed..
My headache worsened, n then only i managed to tell my mind to stop..
But the after-effect was still painful...
I dunno how i managed to sleep last night but it was not a good sleep..
I felt troubled..
N waking up this morning, i feel so full with everything..
I feel breathless.

"People say we can control everything about ourselves, but i don't think it's true. My mood, my feelings, my emotions.. they change like an unexpected weather.. i wish i can alter it somehow"

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