Saturday, July 21, 2012

#1 ramadhan

Today is the first day of ramadhan this year..
I can see tweets from muslim around the world getting excited for ramadhan...
And me either..
It feels different this year..
Not like years before..
I am more relax.. I can enjoy most of my time coz at that part actually i was nobody..
Not that nobody but i don't have tasks and responsibilities like this year..
It's not like i'm the busiest person in maahad..
and for sure i'm not going to brag about my responsibilities or whatever that i need to do this year..

Day by day i've grown up and become more mature..
although i hate the fact that mature people thinks mature things and make mature decision..
but i need to do it..
i need to decide things.. i need to plan for my future..
or else,, i won't become a great muslim...
A great muslim contributes to Islam.. and how on earth am i suppose to contribute to my belief if i'm nothing..??
Well that's why i need great plan for my future..

So this ramadhan...
I plan to wake up early and enjoy the dawn..
It's been a long time i haven't enjoy dawn moments..
My mom woke us up and we sat together having our sahur..
After praying subuh, we had a discussion with our mother and suddenly i had a headache..
i said sorry to mom i cannot stay for the dawn coz it feels very painful inside my head..
so i take a nap...

When i wake up,, i saw sofeyyah and wardah come upstairs together with balqies..
they are sooo hyper it makes me wonder are they actually fasting??
and suprisingly,, they are!! although wardah is just 7 but she's fasting!!
i'm proud of her..
but still some confusion there.. would they be able to continue their fast??
hmmm let see..

1:00 p.m.
I watch the tv n wardah came to me..
she said: along.. penatlahhh penat sangat...
and sofeyyah also seems moody.. they look soooo exhausted and it makes me laugh..
Tulah.. tadi melompat sana sini.. kan dah penat...
and wardah give me 'that look' and sit besides me..
i give a glance to her and she's already fall asleep..
dear my sisters r sooo funny..
sofeyyah also falls asleep..

But after we have our iftar...
They both become very energetic an uncontrollable..
They shout everywhere, i have to cover my ears..
Funny sis..  ^_^

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