Monday, July 23, 2012

ramadhan in school~

everybody looks like zombies todayyy!!!
maybe not all but most..
and the atmosphere was very gloomy..
it's like u r in hospital and everybody is sick lol!!

don't know why i am sooo excited writing this.. ^0^
the bright side of ramadhan in school is:
most of my classmates read Qur'an while the teacher is not around..
soo,, there's the good spirit for ramadhan!!
Alhamdulillah.. i'm infected for some times..

so i tried to memorize back my 'hafazan' that i have left for such a looong time..
starting at the back of the Qur'an which is juz amma..
and although it seems like a very small thing but i realize that,,
when we read back the surah..
we know exactly how it's spell.. which was exciting for me!!
when i recite it,, it's like,, ehhh macam ni eja dia?? ohh maksud dia mcm ni ke?? BEST!!
coz before,, some of them that i have memorized,,
i just recite it without checking the spelling..

but then,, i feel very exhausted..
so i took a nap till recess time..
then i followed amira to the mosque to perform dhuha..
and,, surprisingly... we run out of water!!!
soooooooo lame

then we got to the class.. and.. 
i started to have stomachache..
it's very painful and that moment i cannot focus in the class..
i thought to call my mother and just return home..
but that one will take a looong process
plus, i can't be sure whether my mom is available or not coz nowadays she's very busy during the day..
so my friend suggest me to have a rest a bilik rawatan..
and i did so..

and then ada bdk form 1 who was sleeping on one of the bed accompanied by her friend..
i'm okay with that sampailah..
tok tok tok...
kawan bdk tadi pun bkk..
then msuk form 1 ramai2x..
ehh kamu2x dh sihat ke??
teacher BI marah tadi..
pastukan.. etc etc..

i'm soo tired i choose to ignore them although it's quite annoying..
and then tok tok tok..
Fatin came in!!
rupa2xnye patin pun sakit perut..
lol we share the same pain.. XD
then i ask her to sleep besides me coz they just have two beds you know..
coz sgtlah pelik kalau ramai pelajar tiba2x sakit..
it's like konspirasi dirancang.. >_<
and fatin pun tanye ehh ramainye bdk??
and i told her.. entahla wei.. cbe ko tanyer diorg..
coz i'm not that garang dgn junior.. usually i just let them be..
and then fatin strictly said: ehh ni semua sakit ke??
bdk2x tu pun bagilah brmcm alasan..
and then diorg keluar jugak..
aman dunia.. hohoho..
tp diorg pnye lepak kat bilik rawatan tu rpenye smpi skip satu mtaplajaran..
x taulah cgu tu x msuk ke ape.. tp i'm not aware tht time coz x pki jam..
but when i ask fatin then bru thu diorg skip smpi satu subjek..
alahai adik2x..

tapi lepas tu dh habis skolah aq ngn patin pun prgi MN..
sbb surau x de air.. soo tadarus then balik..
the end ^0^

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