Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hectic day

Today was a very hectic day for me..
First of all i feel very guilty to tc.Norhayati coz i've been skipping TrEEs' activities for debate stuff..
I feel guilty because i said i want to join the team..
which means i will give my full commitment to it but then,,
during certain times i was not there..
i feel terrible..

because for me,
everything that i've participated needs my commitment..
and surely if i agreed to join in any clubs or activities,,
i'll try my best to make sure that i'll perform..
but then i need to prioritize my debate stuff..
because TrEES' still has other ppl there..
different from debate,
i'm the president and if i put other things first,
that means i'm not committed to it..
i bliv, leader needs to play good role for the rest..
so, i shall do my best and i love mahdi for sure..
so, i'll do whatever it takes to see my juniors..
one day, becomes better than me.. insyaAllah..
i want to be there through their hardships and success..
i want to be there to support them in whatever condition they're in..
just like i'm hoping supports from them through this journey..

just thought: life requires us to complete each other don't you think so? 

so, today after discussing about TrEES' project with teacher,
i enter the library and suddenly tc. Ramrah was asking for help..
so, me, fatin, yam, yb n illani lend our hand to help her..
but when the class was over, we need to go back to the class and the data hasn't finish yet..
so, me, fatin n yam decided to skip two classes at the end of the period to settle down those things..
and Alhamdulillah we've finished it and teacher treat us..
that's the best part :D

but at the end of the day..
i feel a little bit frustrated when i realize that i've left so much nowadays..
and when i come to classes but i don't understand what the teachers are talking about..
it makes me feel depressed..
i miss those moments when teachers r teaching in front and i understand every single thing that comes out from their mouth..
but then i talk to my mother..
and she said..,
there is always hikmah behind everything.. and i pray that you will enjoy and get the best from whatever you're doing..
that time i feel very grateful to have a mom like her..
a woman with beauty, grace and intelligence..
and i realize that she's the best psychologist i can get and there's nobody that can replace one that i love whole-heartedly, my mom..  
the end. 

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