Friday, July 13, 2012

2 in 1 ;)


both wre my precious tournament this year..
i never thought that i'll get this far..
i never thought that i'm a debater..
i mean true debater..
coz before..
i just love to debate but at the same time,,
i never know what's the real meaning of debate..
i just love to manipulate everything..
i want great teammates..
i want to WIN..
LOSING seems like a failure..
to me BIG failure..

yeah on the 1st place,,
going to both competition..
i didn't aim to win..
coz i'm like reallyy new..
but among the debaters in maahad..
i do want to win..

so, i went to UIA..
full hope relying on sister Ulfah n sister Laila..
i just play around and don't even take this event like serious matter..
then, after we didn't break..
Fakhry wants us to hve friendlies with Al-Amin Gombak..

First time spending time with them..
I feel really not confident tht time coz my seniors r there n i know tht i'm not good..
then Fakhry asked: Munierah, do u want to debate??
i feel scared but at the same time, i don't want to disappoint my seniors there..
they've trained me for this..
so, i said: it's up to you guys..
then brother Lutfi grouped us..
Iqbal with small Fattah..
Syakirah with Alyssa..
Kak Ulfah with Adibah..
and me with Affan..

Then i know tht we'll be debating the British Parliamentary style n i never experienced tht style..
so, i said to Affan..
sorry this is my first time n i'm not a good debater so, i'm sorry if i'm bad..
then he just say.. never mind..

we hve prep time n then we debate..
i just blurt out anything tht came across my mind..
n after i've done, i said sorry again to Affan and he said..
it was better then he expected..
then i feel quite relieved..
DONE for my first BP..
we ranked 3rd LOL XD

then for musleh..
i got like a LOOOOT of new friends..
learn many new things..
more about teamwork n soo on..
we've made it to semis and tht's totally great..
i hve pictures with madrasah al-junied n MCKK debaters..
but my hand phone shut down so i need to repair it first LOL..
when i hve it then maybe i'll post it here..
we also took pictures with our big brother, fakhry..
awesome hamidian..
still committed to train us although he already graduated from maahad LOL..
i'll become like him one day..
and if i can drive,,
i want to bring the hamidian debaters to tournament just like what he did.. :)


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