Wednesday, January 23, 2013


lol lama dh x ckp psl debate..
terputus pertaliankah??
to accept the fact that it's totally a coincidence that i've joined debate..

07/08 ( year 5/6)

"i love being in the water but not swimming"
setting: hotel

they went to swimming pool.
i chose to stay alone in our room coz swimming is not my cup of tea.
i turned on the television.
high school students. they are arguing but in a pretty way.
i still remember that girl who amazed me. hazirah. the name written there.
10 minutes later. it's a national high school debate competition. a malay one.
"what a life to be a high school student "
i want to join bahas ala parlimen. just like them. starting from form 1 nanti.
i promised.

09/10/11 (form 1/2/3)
i searched for debate club. i haven't found any.
i met madihah but she's english debater and i'm only interested in malay debate.
i joined kelab pidato which seems like the only club in our school that is so much related to debate.
but we don't do much talking though.
hmmm i still have the interest to join malay debate. but how?

that evening. (after pmr)
we have debate competition.
i want to join but i hesitated. malay debate was already full.
english debate didn't has enough people to debate.
atiqah asked me to give a try. she-is-kind
i joined. then i hesitated. then i want to pull off. but it's already time.
they talked. i talked. i felt the passion when arguing but.

another evening.
i sat with atiqah. i said i really want to join debate but i don't know how.
she told me to meet madihah. and she believed that i can do it.
"she is very optimistic"
nahh i want to join malay debate.. but how. i don't know. i asked atiqah.
and it's the end of the year so they don't have other meetings so.
the passion that i have 4 years ago faded.

2012 (tgok nombor ni smua org igt psl kiamat lol)
she. is my sis. she saw a notice for those who were interested to join english debate.
i don't.
i don't want to go. but she wanted to. she asked me to accompany her.
i said no. but i saw the glitter in her eyes as this is the thing that she wanted so much in her life.
and she's a junior. i'm a senior.
and i'm her sister. i already refused to join netball team when she asked me and she said i shouldn't have any excuses for this. i should go. by hook or crook.
and i decided to go for the sake of a lil sis.
kak ulfah was there. she's friendly. i am 50-50 for debate.
my sis tried giving a speech. and i also tried and k.ulfah said that it's a good one #Smile
then i want to join them. but still keeping an eye for malay debate.

kak ulfah was really nice to me like i'm her lil sis.
and i enjoyed every training. it was fun. i won't leave debate.

ana suka dan rindu untuk berhujah dalam bahasa melayu.
teringin benar rasanya untuk berdebat dalam bahasa melayu.
tapi ana dah berjanji dengan kak ulfah.
jaga adik2x debat ini dan jangan lepaskan mereka.

ana dapati debat bukanlah untuk pertandingan sahaja.
tapi debat membantu ana dalam kehidupan. untuk mempertimbang, memikir dan mencari kebenaran.
ana yakin debat tak terbatas.
melayu atau inggeris.
tiada beza. yang penting intipati yang ana dapat dari pengalaman ini.
ana berterima kasih pada insan bernama atiqah kerana percaya pada ana, syakirah kerana memaksa ana menyertai debat, dan kak ulfah kerana percaya pada potensi ana dan tak pernah jemu melatih ana.

"terima kasih insan-insan istimewa dan Allah kerana mengaturkan semuanya."

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