Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Farewell is it :')

Saying goodbye is the last thing you would ever wish in ur life..
we meet, we hate each other, we argue, we laugh, we cry together
and we don't want to move on.. if the choice is ours, we would choose to argue on stupid things like this, everyday..
we don't care if we get hurt coz we miss it sooo much
and i still remember
you and me, arguing and swearing like we would never ever be friends anymore..
but then we just did.. again
and as time passed, those bitters become sweets..
together, we laugh to ourselves coz we feel stupid hating each other LIKE if i know ur going to be my BFF like FOREVERRR i won't rip your book coz ur handwriting is soo damn prettier than mine :P
and those crazy-funny moments are the best 157680000 seconds that i've ever had in my life..
because that 157680000 seconds has been spent mostly with you, my friend..

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