Saturday, January 26, 2013


"i dunno whether it's malays, or malaysians or everybody who grown up in malaysia or it's a universal problem"


we all know. those who believe in their religions know that they have the responsibility to be made.
to preach people for good,
i said this on the behalf of good people who truly believe in what their religion taught them.
i believe that every religion teaches you kindness, not harm or degrading others religion.
because everything about a religion is to drive you for a better life.
my religion, islam, taught me to respect what others believe in.
and i believe others too.


but the world is diverse.
we have people who has religion literally but they don't practise it as a whole.
and we also have people who don't believe in anything. the atheist.
but i respect both of them in choosing how they want to live their lives.
no doubt.


but for those judges out there.
who criticize other people,
who r trying to be good or trying to at least done their part as a daei,
yes. they don't appear or seem pious.
they're living a terrible lifestyle.
BUT. if they tell you about something, religious things or good things,
you shouldn't degrade them even if u think that they're not the one who suppose to tell you all that because they're worse than you.
i tell ya.
don't judge them.

Umar had said: "don't look for the person who's talking, look for what he/she talks about"

i think.

life is a lesson, take lessons as much as you need and leave bad things behind. criticizing people won't get you anywhere BUT learning will.

-feel humble and modest all the way, even if tried but u can't, i'll admire you for trying- :)

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