Saturday, April 6, 2013


i dunno what i want
i mean i know what i want but i just can't help myself from feeling confused,
i listened and sorta believed what others believe eventho it was the opposite of my stand..
i mean.
ugh this is ugly.

i starting from now,
hate school even more..
i mean this is more real than before..
i hate it.
i hate having classes till evening everyday..
they took our freedom of playing/resting or doing whatever we want during evening.
i mean yeah it's school program like yada yada
but school supposed to end at 2:20 p.m.
why? because school is a place for you to study, express ur creativity, show your talent, and improve urself
but the thing is.
we don't go to school for 24/7 even if it's good.
why? because there's always limit in everything.
if u overdo it, u will spoil it.
even in islam, ur not being told to pray 24/7,
because ur not a robot.
Allah also told us to travel and discover the world,
see new things.. learn and love

but my thought brings the second argument.
redha cikgu and all..
argh seriously can't finish this post

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