Friday, April 5, 2013


did you realize how time flies so fast?
i just want to freeze the moment that i cherish and enjoy it more.
just a lil bit more.
mostly my form 4 moments,
the best year i had in maahad...

but the thing is.
Allah told us to chase the time
keep running and running
if you stop,
you will be left way f                a                                 r
and why does Allah ask us to do so?
because did you realize?
if the moment of you spilling milk and laugh with ur two teeth feels so good you just want to live in it forever,
you won't see the rainbow ahead.
simply because you never see the rain.
without rain, there won't be any rainbow.

and there won't be any special joyful moment after that-teary-bloody-sweaty-moments

simply saying,
yes. we have to go through all those moments.
don't give up, don't turn back.
live ur life now to the fullest because there's not going to be a second time.
nobody can replace today.
and also don't worry about sad things, create a new happiness today like you've done before..
everybody can go through it.

"Allah tidak akan membebani seseorang melainkan mengikut kadar kemampuannya"

dan yakinlah,

“Kerana sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan, sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan.”(Surah al-Insyirah: 5-6)

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