Thursday, January 23, 2014

about life and feelings

my mom told me,
when i was a child, my parents were studying in universities..
therefore they couldn't take care of me 24/7..
so they decided to send me to a nursery..
and mom said,
every day, when they're going to pick me up..
i'll be staring through those grills waiting for someone to take me home..
and mom said,
i looked so sad and with full of hope..
even when everybody makes friends and play..
i eagerly hold those grills, look outside, searching for the presence of my mom..
and every time they came,
i'll be jumping up and down, looking so happy..

and everybody that i met now,
told me once ago,
i was a child who cried every time when my mom was not around me..
if the person who holds me is not my mom,
i'll cry...
that's me..
i never wanted to get separated with my mom ever since i was a little kid..

and i'm still the same now..
being in utp,
i feel blessed..
utp is so special, not like other universities,
islamic, happening, good environment n surrounding..
but i just don't want to be far from my mother this long..
and my sisters n dad too...
i just want to spend my life with people i love,
seeing them growing up in front of my eyes,
hug them when i feel sad,
tell them how i feel when i need to..
it's just very necessary.
sharing my feelings with the one that i love..

up till this moment,
i'm still imagining utp as a camp..
that i'll leave my family for a while,
then i'll go back home, and never to return back..
up until now,
i'm still being positive about this..
that it's not going to be long until i'll meet my family..

i'm going home

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