Tuesday, January 7, 2014

after all the who's and why, it has finally came to the conclusion

so yesterday i dunno whether i'm going to utp or not..
and today, during breakfast my parents decided that i should..
and to this point, i'm actually neutral for any answer from them..
like if they say i shouldn't then i'm okay..
the moment they said, we guess u should..
i was like..
whatttt *in a cool way of course*
i should go?
and it's mix-feelings..
idk what to say..
i feel nervous that it's going to be so far away and i've just got the chances to treat my lil sis nicely *lol*
and this is my first time staying away from my family *surprise2*

but anyway...
i'm not asking for much.. i just hope for these things..
washing machine. wifi. refrigerator.. and good food. please..
at least they have a near express mart and sell breads and spread-stuffs, jelly or anything.. and chocolate of course please..
and a nice roommate.. hopefully a talkative one like me so life would be merrier :)

besides separating with my family,
i'm going to get a new laptop insyaAllah..
and i'm super excited that i'll have one of my own..
not that i want it for my own,
it's just that, it feels cool to have one of your own you know..
so that's the good thing to look up to,
only i wish that i cn buy them with my own money if i work,
but it seems like earning my own money would be somewhat later, for now..
so that's it..
please pray for my safety and comfort..
may Allah bless you all, have a great day people :)

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