Saturday, January 25, 2014

when it comes to life,

it comes to my realization tht i blog quite often recently..
thus. it bids me to a question..
are u that 'free' as a uni student?
and my answer is..
i wish i have more time cuz i have a lot to tell..
everyday i learn a new thing,
everyday i have a new thought,
but i just don't have the time to blog about it becuz usually,
when there's even some times,
i'll choose to let my body n mind to have some rest..

but currently i've been blogging becuz my thoughts just flooded in..
and it's too much that i need to put it somewhere so that it won't spill..
and yes,
i steal the time..
to blog this..
hesitantly maybe.. but anyway feeling necessary..

so basically this is just my thought on my sis's thought..
to be honest,
i think,
we share the same idea just with a different needs n necessities..
??!?? *ignore my thoughts if it's confusing*
to me,
being optimistic/ dreaming on a happily ever after ending,
makes ur world vast..
it removes the limit that ur mind has set up for u..
an example,
if u keep walking on reality and follow what the reality has set for you,
you won't go anywhere..
you won't even beat the reality..
you will end up believing that ur capability is limited and u cannot do much..

while on the other hand,
hoping/dreaming makes u aim for higher achievement in life..
and for certain reasons,
it makes life feels more pleasant and livable..
and as for me,
i like to dream a lot..
even if it seems impossible,
i keep doing it because it brings comforts and reliefs to my life and makes me feel better..
because of dreaming,
i have something nice to look up to,
and i'll be able to motivate myself to hang on for a while when things came up..

i believe in the power of imagination n thoughts..
which when u welcome it,
it will become the most powerful thing ever in ur life..
it's like a shield that protects u from ppl thoughts and criticism,
and to a certain level, you will be very powerful that u cn control ur life well..
as for now,
i always believe that people have no right to intrude my life n thoughts,
even when they criticize,
it won't hurt me a bit as long as i believe in myself..
cuz, to me,
it's not worth it to get hurt by people and have my own life troubled while they won't even get affected..
since now that i've learnt all this,
i realize how important 'u' r to urself..
u should defend urself in any way...
protect it..

and again..
as for me,
me n myself are two different things..
me are the one who take actions now and myself are me all the time..
so, whatever it is,
i'll love myself all the way..
even when people criticize,
i know that i should appreciate myself for being this strong all the way..
if it's not the because of myself,
i won't be who i am now..

so thanks to myself that i manage to discover the beauties of life..
and to those out there,
never degrade urself..
remember how hard the real u have gone through life so far,
so don't degrade it..
but embrace it..
each of us are different,
and nobody says that different is not good..
stop looking at others..
look at u..
u hve been created beautifully, by Allah The Almighty..
He has created the best of you..
so cherish it..
if u have negative thoughts about urself,
put it aside,
focus on more positive things,
as it shall lead u to better things..

that's all i think for tonight..
xoxo :)

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