Wednesday, February 26, 2014

eden - the other way round

u've reached to a point,
when u don't know where to look at,
or to whom ur going to hold on to,
it's like u've lost all the reasons that u used to believe in..

i'm adapting to changes,
and to people..
and it's tough..
and i feel like quitting..

but even though i don't have anywhere to look at,
or someone that i can hold on to,
or probably a friend to share my green and gray day..
i still need to try..
because out there,
there are people who believe in me..
there are people who want to know that i'm all right..
and i cannot disappoint them..
their sadness is my grief too..
because i love them that much..

i think,
at this level,
it's okay to break down,
it's okay to let the tears out,
it's okay to be all unhappy and sad..
because i've already hit the breaking point and i supposed to break..
but let it just be a pause,
where i become all messed up but in the end things will be okay..
let it be that way..
because i just cannot expect more from life

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