Monday, February 24, 2014


so, it's been almost 2 months as i ventured into the university life..
and, idk..
i miss blogging that badly but it just that i cannot and i don't know what to write..
there are too many things happened that when i wanted to write it out,
it feels like as if i'm speechless when i wanna talk..
cuz there's too many things..
and yep, probably because now i'm used to staying alone and not talking to people that much like i used to do..
i never thought about it until ajean told me that if we stay alone, our communication skills will probably deteriorate..
and that scares me, out of all this thing is this world, why. my. communication. skills.
i will spend my life as a loner and feel frustrated, depressed all by myself if i don't have a good communication skills..
and i never want it to happen..
i always, always if i have a bad time, talk to someone,
or my friends or my sis..
i just need to talk and everything feels fine..
also when i'm happy or overexcited, i will talk to someone..
like i love being expressive and let others know what i feel..
i mean share everything..
but now, since like it's a new environment,
and i'm staying alone..
i cannot like suddenly change the weather..
i do tell someone but they won't understand it as much as my friends do..
they'll be like oh.. yeah.. and idk responses that hmm..

to be honest,
i miss my girls badly..
and i do call some of them daily when i walk to my class,
but there're so many things and when i'm walking, i cannot tell them about private matters/gossiping and it's just not fun..
cuz i prefer calling them in my room and chat all day long but maxis is just being maxis and the coverage is bad..
so yeah..

byk benda kena pendam..
and sometimes i just wish that there will be at least one of them here with me,
so i can walk, eat and share stories with them all day long..
it will be totally fun..


tp ape pun, ade hikmah gak aq sorg2...
i get to know new people..
well to be exact, awesome people..
the pantai timur girls..
they are really funny, and baik sgt..
i was touched..
x sgka akn jmpe kwn2 mcm ni..
happening je depa smua...
sgt helpful and positive thinking..

oh n btw, bdk2 plkn nk blk dh..
aq x saba gle nk jmpe dorg..
everybody's like, i have a LOADS of storiessss
and i'm like me toooooooooooooooo
and td ckp ngn fizah pn she's like, kau msti pendam sorg2 kan skrg..
aq xyah ckp pn dorg dh fhm.. ni lah besties..
tp pape pun,
i'm looking forward for our meet up!
giler rindu kut dgn kwn2 skolah..
hmm life would change like forever for all of us..
so i just wanna cease a moment just for our last memory together...

p/s: i feel boring writing this post cuz i'm just not as expressive as before but yeah

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